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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | Atlantis | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 14 – Atlantis

  • 3 secrets
  • 7 save crystals
  • 32 kills
  • 50 pickups

In this level you're heading for a confrontation with Natla...!

As you walk forward, the area lights up and you can pick up some Uzi clips lying on the ground. Now you have to enter the next room very cautiously...there are six huge eggs around the room, each with one of Natla's mutants inside ready to hatch! (I found this level quite hair-raising!) As you move through the level, you'll encounter quite a few of these mutant they are about to hatch, they start to quiver which gives you a second or two to prepare for battle!

As you walk forward, the first egg on the left hatches and a mutant leaps out spitting poison! Flip back to the doorway as you shoot to keep out of range! As you walk into the room and to the right, the first egg on that side hatches, and the mutant that emerges shoots balls of fire, so once again flip into the doorway to shoot it!

As you walk down the center of the room, you'll see some Uzi clips on the far side of the room, on the ground, but as you approach it, yet another poison-spitting mutant emerges, so keep out of range by jumping around as you shoot. When you've done, pick up the clips and go toward the left-hand door which opens automatically. Climb the stairs and pick up a small medipack in the far left corner of the floor, which is safe to walk on, despite appearances!

Walk onto the walkway in the middle of the area and another mutant hatches down below. You should be able to kill it before it reaches you, but if not, you'll have to be careful to avoid the fireballs and the gaps in the floor as you tackle it!

When it's gone, pick up the shotgun shells on the walkway and continue to the far right corner (from where you entered) to a lever. Pull it to open a door at the other side of the room, which itself contains another lever to open a door in another corner. Pull that and walk back toward the alcove with the first lever,. turn right on the walkway in front of the alcove and walk forward. Another mutant is released from below, so deal with it in the same way as the last one. Cross the bridge and walk along the left side (where you picked up the small medipack) to release the remaining mutant, which will come at you up the stairs! Stay where you are and shoot it as it approaches, back flipping as needed.

On that same side is a now open doorway...walk down the stairs to find another lever. Pull it to open another door downstairs then continue down through the door that opens. Go forward, then right to the door you just opened with the lever and enter. Now you'll find yourself on a ledge above a huge pool of lava! Up above is a mutant, but you should have plenty of time to dispatch it before it reaches you. Turn and drop and grab the edge of the ledge, let go and press action to grab the one below. Pull up and enter the opening to find the first secret, a large medipack, Magnum clips and Uzi clips. Walk forward and up and drop through the hole in the floor to find yourself in another passageway. There are some jagged doors here, but you don't need to tackle these...go the other way!

Now you'll find yourself in a room with another lava pool and a bridge with a gap in the middle, where you'll see another mutant egg. Walk to the right of the bridge and jump to grab the crevice in the wall. Drop and press action to grab the doorway ledge below and pull up. Continue to a lever to open a door at the other side of the bridge. Keep going, pick up the two sets of Uzi clips on the ground and jump forward onto the bridge. As you run, jump and grab to the other side of the bridge, the mutant egg hatches to release another mutant, but you don't need to bother about this unless you want all the kills. Just head for the open doorway and use the save crystal in the passageway.

Keep going to a room with a pool. Have a good look around. The red door at the far right is the exit door. You'll need to cross this way twice, very cautiously! There are spikes and boulder traps in here, so line up any jumps carefully before you proceed! If you fall into the water, you can climb out using the low block to the right. The first jumps have to be made fairly quickly to avoid boulders.

Okay, run, jump and grab the pillar ahead. Run and jump from here to the flat spot on the wall nearest to you. As you do so, a boulder is released from above, so jump to the next flat ledge up and the right of the one you are on. Turn slightly so you're standing at a slight upwards angle, hop back, then run and jump forward so Lara slides down the side and lands on another ledge near a spike pit. If you've done this right, you should now be facing upwards so you can jump to the next ledge on the right immediately to avoid another boulder.

Face right and and jump to the next ledge slightly above you. Take two more jumps across the next two ledges and climb up into the opening above for the second secret, again a large medipack, Magnum clips and Uzi clips. Pick up everything and exit to slide down the wall near the door below. Run, jump and grab over the water to the steps, pull up and take a step up to the right. Run, jump and grab the pillar ahead to pick up a large medipack. Run, jump and grab to the next pillar and enter the room with the lever. Pick up the two sets of Uzi clips and pull the lever to change the layout of the pool room so you can reach the red door.

Jump into the water and look for a lever between the steps and the tall pillar. This opens a timed door, so it may take some practice to get there. When you pull the lever, you need to turn and swim towards the low ledge near the entrance, then climb out and up onto the block. Run and jump to the flat ledge across the spikes so you are facing the wall with the door that you opened with the lever. Then step back, run and jump across to land on the flat ledge near the second set of spikes. Run and jump toward the wall, turn and run through the door as fast as you can! If you fall into the water or miss the door, you'll have to start over again with the lever! Here is my video to show how it's done.

Stand facing the walkway opposite the entrance and run, jump and grab to the left-hand side of it. Follow this to the end and run and jump to the next doorway and use the save crystal. Follow the passage, over the spike pit, to the top and jump into the pool. If you swim forward and down you'll find some shotgun shells and a lever to open the opposite door. Swim through it and climb out. Pick up the two sets of Uzi clips as you walk forward, passing the clanging blades which then start to operate. Now you're back in the tall room with the lava pool beneath. Run, jump and grab to the ledge on the right and ready weapons for another flying mutant! Pick up the two sets of Uzi clips on the ledge and enter through the doorway.

Climb the short slope and jump into the water, swimming forward and down until you reach four pillars under the water. Behind the first one you come to on the right is a small medipack...pick it up and climb out into a room with four mutant eggs and five levers, three of which are needed to open three doors under the water. There's also a save crystal, so save your game before you continue, if you wish, or wait until you have opened all the doors.

Stand so the wall with the three levers is to your right, and pull the one nearest to you (on the left.). There's a ramp between the switches on the opposite wall...walk up it to pick up two lots of Uzi clips, then continue around to pull the lever on the other side (not the one in the middle, yet). After you pull the middle lever, one of the mutant eggs starts to quiver, and you can either battle with the mutant or jump straight into the water and swim through the doors you just opened. You can stay and pull the remaining levers if you want all the kills.

When you surface, you can follow a passage until you come to a weird looking area with walls that look alive and pulsating! Turn to the right to find a lever, and pull it. Step inside and pick up the two sets of Uzi clips, then walk forward to trigger a boulder that rolls down and effectively blocks your way through! There's a moveable block at the bottom of the ramp...pull it once then go around and push it against the wall, so when the boulder rolls down again, it can't get past the block! Go back to the weird tunnel and pull the lever again to reset the trap. This time, the boulder stops at the block and you can get through the doorway.

Keep going until you find yourself once again in the tall room with the lava pool at the bottom. Ready weapons for another flying mutant, then jump to the ledge diagonally and to the right. Inside this passage is another save crystal. Along the passage is a room with two mutant eggs and a slope with spikes near the bottom. Walk ahead slowly to release one of the mutants, kill it from the doorway, then do the same with the second.

Part of the floor opposite, the red part, is pulsating like the walls in the passage you just came from. Stand facing this on the opposite slope and slide down, making sure you jump over the spikes at the bottom. At the top are some goodies...shotgun shells, two sets of Uzi clips and a large medipack. Pick them up then follow the live passage to a ledge overlooking another lava pool. Notice the mutant egg on the left and the bride across the middle of the area. There are some Uzi clips in front of you approach it, a mutant flies up toward you...take it out then pick up the ammo. Go back and stand facing the mutant egg near the entrance, then jump in a left-diagonal direction to the ledge over the way, then jump over to the next ledge in front of the egg. This will release the mutant. Kill it from the doorway, then turn left on the ledge and follow the passage, picking up more Uzi clips along the way.

There's a light brown ledge just off the and jump over to it, walk forward and stand facing the wall you just jumped from. In the cave to the left are two mutants. One fires balls of fire, the other one spits poison...get a lock and fire, taking great care not to fall down! (If you step to the left, you may be out of range and can shoot from relative safety!)

Turn and face the wall with the lever at the top of the ramp. Run and jump over to the ledge on that side. Pick up the two sets of Uzi clips on the ramp and pull the lever. Return to where you jumped across, walk forward, run and jump over the gap and find the moveable block. Pull this to find a door that opened with the lever you just pulled. Enter, and when you reach the clanging blades, stand as close as possible and either jump or roll through them just as they start to open. (See our hints and tips section for help with this.) Turn right then run and jump to the cave where you killed the two mutants earlier. Climb up the slope and turn left to find three climbable blocks...climb up and pick up the small medipack and Uzi clips in the passage beyond. Keep going to find yourself in the lava room again, with another flying mutant to deal with!

Run and jump over to the next ledge, enter the doorway and use the save crystal in the room beyond. Walk to the edge, and run and jump over to the walkway ahead. Follow the passage and pull the lever. This changes the pillars in the other room. Return and jump back to the walkway near the doorway. Walk forward and left, and run and jump to the nearest pillar, jump to the left pillar, run and jump to the higher pillar near the door, then stand at the edge, jump and press action to land in the doorway.

Down this passage is another lever to change the pillars again. Exit to the doorway, jump to the pillar on the left, run and jump to the next, turn left and jump across to the next, run and jump to the doorway and go down the passage on the left.

There are three mutants in the next room...attract their attention by walking forward then go back to the doorway and kill them from there. On the floor of the passage you just came from are some floor tiles...stand on the one without the gold pattern. This opens a secret door at the top right of the ramp where you just killed the mutants. Inside this door is the third secret - Uzi clips, shotgun shells and a large medipack. Pick up everything, exit and go through the door on the right.

As you go towards the tunnel and the automatic door, you'll see lever on the right just ahead. This is a red-herring and does nothing but release the lava into the hallway, so pull it at your peril! Look up to the ceiling in front of the first door to see an opening above...climb up and follow the path to the large lava room again. No flying mutant this time, so jump over to the right ledge and pick up the two lots of Uzi clips before proceeding.

As you go toward the Uzi clips on the floor in the next room, you'll see a mutant on the opposite side..kill it before you pick up the ammo. At the bottom of the ramp is a dart trap and at the top, sharp blades and a boulder! Stand facing the ramp and run along the right wall, or run and jump to avoid the darts. Turn at the corner, pull up onto the ramp then drop back down straight away as the boulder rumbles past! Climb back up onto the ramp and go to the top.

The next room contains three thrones and a save crystal, so you can save your game now if you want. The three thrones are engraved with three initials donating three Atlantean rulers...Natla, Tihocan and Qualapec. Look closely at Natla's throne..the seat area is a moveable block which you can push twice to reveal an opening. Turn right and you'll come to a red door with two levers and trapdoors at either side. Both trapdoor take you to the same place, but both are quite tricky.

Left lever: Pull this and immediately jump back. Turn and drop and hang from the trapdoor opening, drop to the floor, jump immediately over the spikes and walk up the ramp, turning left at the top.

Right lever: Pull the lever, fall down, turn, jump over the lava pit, immediately flip back to avoid a boulder, jump back across and go forward then left.

Climb up through the opening and pull the lever which opens the red door between the levers above. Continue up to reach the throne room again and return to the red door you just opened. Go up the ramp to the right with weapons drawn..In the next room is an egg from which a centaur emerges. Jump around while shooting as it shoots balls of fire at you. When it's gone, retrieve the four sets of Uzi clips near the entrance.

On the left side next to the empty mutant egg is a lever...this opens the door to the exit, but also causes two more mutant eggs to start moving! They won't actually hatch unless you stand on the fleshy-looking ramps near the door, otherwise you'll have to dispatch these and two more mutants in the next area! Go through the door and use the save crystal. Slide down the ramp with weapons and full-health and jump around while you shoot at them, then deal with the two up the ramp if you set them free earlier!

This next part of the game is wonderfully weird! Go toward the middle of the room. In here there's a mutant that's a mirror image of Lara! It does everything she does, so don't shoot at it! It does need to be dealt with though, so you're going to have to lure it into a trap before you can exit this area! (I was fascinated by this mutant, and had a bit of a play around in this area to see how the mutant reacted to everything Lara did!)

Face away from the entrance and walk around the tall column on the right to climb up a ramp and then up onto a block. Turn around, walk to the edge and jump over to the tall block ahead. Run and jump to the platform beyond to find a lever and a trapdoor. The lever is timed (around 40 seconds), so you have to act quickly! Pull the lever, roll, run past the door, slide down the slanting block to the ground, run forward, climb up the block ahead, run and jump to the tall block, and the same again to the platform to the middle where the trapdoor should be on the other platform where the mutant will now be. If you've done this right, the mutant should now have fallen through the trapdoor and the exit door near it should have opened.

Make your way to the door and pull up into the next room, picking up the Uzi clips lying there. There's another centaur around the next bend, so advance cautiously until it sees you, then back-flip down the passage and do a series of side-flipping jumps as you fire until it explodes to avoid it's deadly fireballs! At the bend, there are more Uzi clips, and in the next room another mutant! Take it out then have a look around. There's an elevated path above with a timed lever at either end. The right one opens the exit door, and the left one raises the bridge. Near the left lever are more Uzi clips...pick them up and run to the lever at the other end to open the door, then run back and pull the other lever to raise the bridge (you can jump over the curves in the path to save time). When you've done that, make your way as fast as you can to the bride and cross to enter the next room. Pick up the two lots of Uzi clips on the floor, then cross to take the scion to exit the level.

Now a movie clip is shown in which you see why Natla is a bit miffed with Qualapec and Tihocan. Then Lara grapples with Natla, first verbally, then physically, ending with them both over the edge of the pit...Lara manages to grab the edge, but Natla is not so lucky!

So begins the countdown.....!

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