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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | Palace Midas | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 7 – Palace Midas – 3 secrets and 8 save crystals

In this level you are looking for 3 lead bars, which will only open the level-exit door when they have been turned to gold.

You enter the level through water, so keep swimming until you can surface in a large room with several passageways.


If you want all kills and pickups, climb out and take the passageway behind the gate through which you entered the pool, turn the corner to the right with the staircase climbing upwards…there’s a croc there, so get out your shotgun! Don’t head up the stairs just yet…take the passageway next to it until you reach a large area with several alcoves. Stop at the entrance, draw your shotgun and walk slowly to the left, drawing out two lions, hopefully one at a time! Keep going to the left and around the right corner at the very end to deal with some bats and pick up a medipack…you may be able to hear the crackle of a fire!

Go back toward the entrance and keep going to the end of the room, turn left into the topmost alcove, kill a gorilla and pick up the two sets of magnum clips. Return the way you came.


Head up the staircase (you passed it earlier if getting the kills and pickups), turning left at the top. Ahead, there’s a large room with lots of tall pillars and 5 levers…behind the pillars are three gorillas…you may be able to pick them off with your pistols if you keep close to the doorway and back-flip as you shoot. (Notice the doors with the various symbols above them?

(Note: There is a large medipack in this area that you cannot reach without cheating, i.e using the corner wall bug (screenshot). Here is a video of how it's done.)

At the far right of the room, there’s a low pillar you can climb up. Face the next pillar and take a running jump over to it, then jump and grab to the ledge above the doorway (to the left of the pillar you are on). Walk to the edge of the ledge, then take a run, jump and grab over to the other side to grab some goodies, some Magnum clips and a small medipack! Now you can either go back the way you came, or safety-drop to the floor and go back to the first block and climb up again. Take two running jumps to the next two pillars, then a run, jump and grab to the one after that. Walk to the edge and jump over to the next pillar, then a run, jump and grab to the last one before jumping over to the structure with the levers.

Drop down into the gap and pull the lever at the foot of the stairs to open the door to the structure so you don’t have to jump around the pillars again to come back!

Go up the stairs…the levers have to be pulled in different sequences to open the different doors in the room below. The symbols above the doors are upsilons and omegas…the upsilon symbol stands for ‘down’ (D) and the omega symbol stands for ‘up’ (U). So, the levers need to be up or down following the sequence above each door. Each door leads to a task that you need to complete to collect a lead bar.

You can explore any door in any order. We’ll do the hardest first. Okay, go the leftmost lever and set them in this order from left to right: D,U,U,U,U. Facing away from the levers, the door to the left of the structure you are on will now be open. (Notice the symbols above the door and you’ll start to get the idea.)

Enter the room and you’ll see a pool with pillars and torches on the top. Once you step onto the first pillar and cross the line (at the front of the pool), the flames will switch off and you have approx. 10 seconds to get across to the other side! There are three rats in the pool, so get them with your pistols before you go any further. Use the save crystal to the left of the entrance before you start, so you don’t have to start again if you burn to death! Don't worry, you'll find another one at the other end of the room.

Stand just behind the line at the edge of the small walkway in front of the entrance, so you are facing the next pillar. Now, take a running jump, holding both 'run' and 'jump' buttons down, across the pillars, attempting to turn while you are in the air so you land on each pillar facing the way you need to go. For the last pillar, you’ll need to press action while still in the air so you can grab the pillar and pull yourself up, quickly! You’ll probably have to do this several times, and if you get caught in the flames, jump straight into the water and swim back to the steps to start again, using your medipacks if you need them, but you can always load the game back in if you prefer.

Pick up the first lead bar and use the save crystal before swimming back and returning to the five levers, encountering another gorilla on the way.

For the next door, the switches need to be U,U,D,U,D to open another room. Look to the right of the area entrance to see the door you just opened..

Walk through it to the room with the grey pillars and the spikes on the floor (walk through the spikes), turn right and go through the doorway, find the movable block in the sunken floor area and pull it twice. Go behind it and pull the lever to raise the grey pillars in the spiked room.

Climb the ramp next to the block and use the save crystal at the top. Jump forward on to the first pillar. Going right, run and jump from pillar to pillar until you reach the last one. Walk to the edge, jump over to the opening ahead, then back-flip out immediately, drawing your pistols to save ammo, and shooting the gorilla that was hiding in the room!

Once that’s done, jump back over, retrieve the second lead bar and jump over the spikes to a safe spot on the floor. Return back to the levers.

Pull the levers to match the following sequence: U,U,D,D,U and go through the next open door (this one to the left of the area entrance). This is a large room with a collapsible ceiling. There’s a doorway to the back of the room with some stairs leading down to the right. Go down and pull the movable block you find there to collapse the ceiling in the large room.

Go all the way back up the stairs until you reach the very top. Look below and to the right and see a flat platform…jump over to it then run, jump and grab the broken pillar in the centre of the room, then again to the ledge to the right of the doorway. From there you can jump to the entrance.

Go through and climb up the rocks and use the save crystal at the top to save your game (or you can use it when you’ve finished the next part). Here you’ll find yourself in an aqueduct filled with water. Taking care not to fall through the gap, take out your pistols and shoot the two bats and the two gorillas that are showing off somewhere the ledges ahead!

Jump across and walk around the edge to the right, picking off a couple of crocs in the water, if you can. You may need to draw them out by jumping in the water and climbing back out again! Once they are dead, swim through the tunnel (farthest to the right of the room) and climb out to the right. Climb up the rocks on the left (as you climb out), then walk as far as you can and jump forward twice to land on a rock which you’ll slide down a little. Turn to the left and walk and slide until you come to the first secret of the level, some magnum clips and a small medipack.

Swim back out and return to where you jumped over to the first ledge. Walk to edge to the left, you’ll see a small hole…make sure you have plenty of health, do a safety drop into it to retrieve the second secret, some Uzi clips, shotgun shells and another small medipack. (The two secrets have to be collected in that order, as you can’t get back up through the hole without going all the way around again!)

There’s a gorilla somewhere about…use your pistols and jump up and down until you kill it, then jump out of the pit towards the bottom of the building.

Go forward and pick up a small medipack in the second alcove on the right. The alcove before that one has a ledge from which you can jump over to the adjacent building. Jump across and get out your shotgun or magnums for two gorillas lurking in the alcoves!

Go to the second of last alcove and turn to your right to see the ledges across the huge gap…yes, you have to get over there! Look to see where the large medipack is over the way, and run, jump and grab to get over…you may have to shimmy along a bit to be able to stand up! Grab the medi, then drop and grab the edge again and shimmy along to the left until you can drop on a flat, dark ledge below…roll immediately to kill two bats!

There’s a hallway across the gap…run and jump over there, then proceed all the way until you come to a cracked floor. There’s a large medipack in one alcove. Run across to it, pick it up, then jump or run to safety on the other side of the cracked floor!

There’s a slope just ahead…slide down it, dropping down then climbing down the rocks until you reach a ledge that goes around the pool area where you first entered the level! There’s a lion at the other end making it’s way toward you…get rid of it before proceeding, but be careful not to fall off the ledge!

You’ll eventually come to an opening above the main area. You should be able to kill a couple of gorillas with your pistols from up there! Turn right and take a running jump to the next ledge and enter to find yourself in a cave with a pool. There’s a croc swimming in there…you may be able to get it from there, or your can just swim through and hope to avoid it!

Climb the rocks at the back of the cave to an opening where you will find two bats…kill them then jump across to the temple roof. You’ll find the third lead bar plus a save crystal…use it after you’ve picked up the bar as you won’t be back here again.

There are more beasties, two gorillas and two lions, down below…dispatch them with your pistols from where you are, or drop from the roof and jump onto the rock near the temple and get them from there.

Beside the temple doors is a large medipack…pick it up and go through the doors to a passageway with a switch and another save crystal. Pull the switch to open a gate near the level-entrance, then save your game.

As you leave the temple and to through to the next room (you can take either turning), jump on top of one of the rocks and draw weapons for three more gorillas! However, when I did this one of the gorillas climbed up to me, so it may not make a difference where you shoot them from. :-)

Continue on toward the pool through which you first entered the level, and turn right to come to the gate that you just opened. There are two more gorillas in the garden and you may be able to pick them off with your pistols if you don’t enter immediately.

To the left of the entrance is a wall with a small shrub in front. On this wall is a lever. This opens a gate also on the left-hand wall, but enter cautiously! There are some jagged, metal doors that clang together repeatedly and are deadly! (The secret will register before you go any further, so it's up to you whether you want to pick up the secret items or not.) Between the doors is a cracked floor that will break away onto some spikes. To get past them, you will have to get as close as you can (use the look button and look down to see how close you are), wait until they have just closed, then while they are still opening, jump through them to the other side.

This is where you’ll find the third secret. Pick up all the the medipacks, shotgun shells and Magnum clips (or the Magnum if you don't already have it), then go back through the metal doors the same way.

Now cross the garden to the far right from where you came in and climb up onto the ledge near the corner where the medipack is. You may encounter another gorilla. Jump up to grab the edge of the platform and pull up to pick up a large medipack and enter the passage at the back of the roof.

This is where you find the huge, broken statue of King Midas! Tread carefully to the save crystal, avoiding the large hand, and save your game. Once you’ve saved, jump onto the hand to see what happens! Cool!!!

Okay, load up the game again, stand near to the hand and press action to change each of the lead bars to gold! (If that doesn’t work, go into your menu, select the lead bars and press ‘action’.)

Once you’re finished, exit the area, go past the pool and back up the stairs to the five levers. Set them (left-to-right as usual) to D,U,U,U,D which opens the final door.

This door is under the balcony area where you can see a save crystal. As you near the door, a lion charges…you can use your pistols while back-flipping out of the way, or use your shotgun at closer range to see him off!

Climb right to the top of the stairs and collect some shotgun shells and save your game (although you hardly need to as you are so near the end!). Halfway down the stairs is a doorway on the right with three alcoves where you can set the gold bars. Stand in front of the holes in the wall and press action to set them.

Once this is done, the level-exit door opens in the same room…go through it to leave this level!

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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