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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | The Great Pyrmaid | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 15 – The Great Pyramid – 3 secrets and 4 save crystals

In this level you have to battle the giant, hideous mutant (it's been said that this mutant is from whence all the other mutant eggs have sprung!) and have your last showdown with Natla! (What, she's still alive???)

Okay, this mutant is grotesque and very dangerous, but she's slow and stupid, so as long as you don't let her get near enough to grab you or knock you over the edge you will be okay, but it's going to take some firepower to kill her! You can either use the shotgun and run out of her way when she get's near, or use the Uzis and jump around from corner to corner (there are six sets of Uzi clips lying around the ledge). Either way, it's going to take a while, so take which ever option you're more comfortable with! Be careful not jump over the edge, though! (My daughter stands at the left-corner edge opposite the door using the shotgun, and when the mutant nears, she puts it away and drops and hangs off the edge until it moves away again. But a word of warning...once when she did this, the mutant still grabbed her!)

You'll know when to stop shooting as when the mutant has had enough, she'll start to fall (oh, now we feel sorry for her?) and then she'll explode. When this has happened, you can start to pick up all the ammo lying in the corners of the room and exit through the door that just opened. Slide down the ramp to the left, past the block and down the next ramp. Keep going and push the next moveable block you come to three times. Go up the ramp on the right and turn a corner to another moveable block (the first one you passed.). Push it once then go around to the right and climb up it.

Turn around and jump to grab the ledge ahead and pull up into a hallway with a cracked floor and clanging blades...I strongly suggest you use the save crystal you find here! Now, when the blades clang together, they always make two clanging noises..stand at the edge of the cracked floor and when you hear the second clang of the blades, run forward through them and around the next corner.

To the right of the ramp is a black and white corridoor...go down it and push the block you find once. Return and slide down the ramp you just missed, at the bottom of which is the block you just pushed. There's a lever above on the right wall, so push the block twice until it's under the lever, then turn and take the passageway to the right. Now you need to come back down the ramp and stand on the block you just moved to pull the lever. This opens the red door opposite.

Go through into a room with sloping, sandy ledges and another river of lava running down the middle of the room. Turn right and jump to the flat ledge ahead, then again to the next. From there, run and jump and jump to the next, then turn around to see a timed bridge that's just been raised! Go back the way you came to land on the bridge and run through the doorway on the right. Now you're in a cave with the first secret - a large medipack, Magnum clips and shotgun shells. Pick up everything up then pull the lever twice to set part of the bridge over the lava river. (If you're fast enough, you may be able to make it back across the bridge before it closes, without the need to pull the lever!) Run and jump back over the lava and make your way back along the right hand side of the river, then take a standing jump over to the other side to enter the tunnel.

As you enter, a boulder will roll down, so roll and run forward and right into the doorway to avoid it. Go up to where the boulder just came from and then up a smaller ramp. The next ramp is another bolder trap, so turn around and jump backwards up the ramp until you hear it released then run forward and to the left out of the way! At the top of the ramp is a passageway to another cracked floor...step onto it, jump back then, with full health, drop down into the room below when the floor has broken away.

This is the scion room....when you shoot it, the area begins to quake, but you should be okay...use the save crystal before you shoot it, then keep going. There are three mutants in the area beyond this room, but you should only have to deal with two of them (unless you are going for all the kills). When you've got their attention, retreat to the doorway and shoot them from there. Drop down onto the dark rocks below the bridge, find an opening in the ground and drop through it. This area is horrendous...filled with countless traps, so be prepared not to make it the first time!

There's a crevice on the wall to the, jump and grab it, shimmy along past the wall darts, drop down onto the slope, immediately back flip to the ledge behind, then jump back straight away to avoid the dart trap! Enter the doorway and pick up the Uzi clips. Walk down the the right hand side of the ramp to avoid another boulder, then stand as close as possible to the swinging blade on the left, wait for it to swing to the left then jump past it! WALK through the spikes, turn left and continue to the top of the slope on the left.

Ahead are three cracked tiles...stand at the top edge of the ramp and take one WALKING step back. Jump forward to land on the left-hand tile, then immediately flip to the right then jump forward to the ledge ahead. In the next room are three sloping blocks standing in a pool of lava. To make your way across to the ledge over the lava pool, walk to the left, as near to the wall as you can get. Jump back once, then sidestep to the right as far as you can. Turn very slightly to the right and look up at the wall ahead, In it is a very small crevice that widens as it goes along the wall...that's what you're aiming for! Jump forward to grab it, then shimmy right along and drop down to find the second secret. Pick up the three large medipacks and the Uzi clips, then walk to the edge, facing the sloping blocks down below, one of which has a save crystal. Jump forward, keeping the jump button pressed to flip back and save your game!

Jump to grab the crevice in the wall ahead, shimmying along as far as you can, to stop above the cracked tiles. When you drop onto them, you're going to have to flip twice to the right to avoid a boulder, so keep the jump and right button pressed when you've let go of the crevice!

Jump past the swinging blade as you did the last one you encountered, then stop. Ahead is a ramp to the left and a boulder on the right. Down the ramp is an alcove on the down and into this so the boulder rolls past you. If you want the small medipack, jump between the boulder and the corner of the alcove to retrieve it, then jump back again.

The next area contains a ramp with a boulder, another blade and several lava pits round about! To avoid the boulder, stand to one side of the ramp, slide down and jump at the very bottom to land on the block won't have time to pull up if you grab the edge, so time it right! Jump down to the left and enter the next doorway. This room looks worse than it is, but you still need to be careful. There's a small medipack in the center which you should be able to pick up without harm. Run forward, pick up the medipack as the lava stops behind Lara, do a standing jump forward then run to the next doorway, hopefully missing the lava as you go! Now pull the lever to open the door.

Go through and turn right, picking up the Uzi clips at the end of the passage. Now for another boulder trap! The door you just came through has now closed, so run past it and stop at the edge of the lava pit ...a boulder will roll past then you can jump forward to grab the other edge, waiting for another boulder to pass before you pull up. Continue to a room with a pool of water and several pillars with fire-torches on top! Climb up the first one, to the side to avoid the fire, line Lara up with the next pillar, then take standing jumps across the next five blocks to get across.

In the next room is a swinging blade in front of a structure and above a cracked floor. Walk down and stand in front of the cracked tiles on the floor. Jump back once, then take two WALKING steps back. Run and jump forward, keeping both forward and jump pressed so Lara runs and jumps forward twice to land in the opening ahead. OR, you can walk to the edge, take a standing jump to grab the cracked floor, then pull up and take a running jump into the alcove. Now you've found the third secret, a large medipack and two sets of Uzi clips. (The game is bugged here and the secret nay not register.) Return to the doorway, stand at the edge and jump forward into the pool of water below. Find the Uzi clips on the bottom and follow the underwater passage until you can surface. Climb out to find four more sets of Uzi clips and another save crystal.

Natla is waiting in the next room, so draw weapons and advance...she appears from the left and above as she now has wings and can shoot fire! She needs to be felled twice before you can relax, so make sure you have enough ammo and health and start shooting, jumping around to avoid here missiles...when she falls for the second time, you're safe!

The game exit is at the top of the area, so find some climbable blocks in one of the corners and and jump into the doorway beyond, pressing action to land correctly. Follow the passage and run and jump from the next doorway to the pillar ahead, then another to the one on the left. Jump from there to the pillar below the doorway and pull up into it. From here you come to an opening in the floor...drop down to another pillar. Turn around, run and jump to the next pillar ahead and to the left, and another to the next, then an run, jump and grab and then pull up into another doorway. This passageway takes you to an opening where you can drop down onto the highest pillar in the room. From that, run and jump over to the ledge, pull up into the next opening and follow the passage to a long ramp. Slide down to end the level and finish the game!

WELL DONE! NOW RELAX FOR ANOTHER MOVIE CLIP, AND GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK...OR BETTER STILL, SURF OVER TO AMAZON AND BUY THE NEXT GAME! :-) (Link is an affiliate link.) Or, restart this one and you should now have all weapons and unlimmited ammo!

The last movie clip sees Lara escaping from the island just in time!

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