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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | Caves | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 1 - Caves

  • 3 secrets
  • 7 save crystals
  • 14 kills
  • 7 pickups

OK, after the starting movie clip, you find yourself just inside a pair of huge, stone doors! In front of you, there are some paw prints in the snow. Follow these.

A little way ahead, there are walls on either side with vertical slits all the way along. Keep running and jumping until you are past them, as these slits fire darts! Lara should reach the other side with little or no damage.

As you keep going, you will notice that Lara turns her head to the left...she often looks in the direction she is supposed to go, so keep this in mind. However, for the moment, just keep going the way you are. Follow the path until you come to a large area with an angled stone block in the left corner (screenshot). In front of this block is an opening, but it's too high for Lara to grab, so you need to position yourself at the back of the block, jump up and press 'action' to grab the top. Press up so Lara climbs up. As soon as she's up, she'll start sliding, so you'll have to press 'jump' and 'action' to make her grab the edge of the opening (screenshot). Climb up and find your first secret, a small medipack (An alternative way to get to the opening is to position yourself in front of the angled block facing the ledge, then flip backwards by pressing 'jump and back', then pressing 'action' so she jumps forward to grab the ledge.)

Jump back down and go back to where Lara looked towards a large opening, now on her right. Climb up the wall and follow the path, drawing your pistols to shoot the bats that appear in front of you. To the left is an opening. Go through it to the opposite corner wall with the snow piled up at the bottom (screenshot). Stand as far to the left as you can, facing the wall, then press 'action' and 'up' to climb up. Draw your pistols for another bat. In this cave is the level's second secret, a small medipack.

Drop down and return to the place where you shot the first bats, turning left and carry on until you come to a nice-looking cave covered with greenery. Turn right and you will come to a drop in the floor...drop down and follow the path to a closed door. To the right is a lever set in the wall. Position yourself directly in front of it and press 'action' to pull the lever. The door opens. Go through it, to kill another bat. You'll see a barred wooden door to the right which doesn't open, so you'll have to climb updrawing your pistol through the opening to the far left corner opposite the entrance .

Keep walking until you come to a large room with a path around the topand two wooden bridges spanning from one side of the room to the other. Down below are two wolves which you should be able to pick off with your pistols from above. You need to cross to the other side of the room, so you can follow the upper path and use the bridges until you come to another area off the second bridge.

If you want to save your game now, keep walking until you come to an area with a gap across which you will see a save crystal. Walk to the gap by pressing 'forward and R1'. Lara will stop at the edge while the 'walk' button is pressed and won't fall, even if you try and make her. (You can wait until you have completed the next part before you save the game, if you wish.) Hop backwards once by tapping the 'back' button, press 'forward' and then immediately press 'jump', and Lara will jump the gap gracefully!

This next part is optional and only required if you want all of the pick-ups (a small medipack). Look down through the gap and you'll see a bear-pit. There's a bear down there, so you can either drop down and finish it off, or try and do it from above, if you have the patience. To try and draw it out for you to shoot, you could try hanging from the edge of the gap and pulling yourself back up before drawing your pistols and picking it off. (To do this, stand with your back to the edge, push 'back', then immediately press 'action' to hang on. This is called 'drop and grab'. Press 'up' to pull yourself back up.) If you decide to drop down to kill the bear, draw your pistols first and keep jumping around as you shoot until it's dead, which shouldn't take long.

Go out through the door, killing another couple of bats as you continue. You'll come to a small medipack, which is your only reason for coming down here. Pick it up, and notice a discoloured area on the floor, which will open the door nearby when you stand on it. Face the door, step on this area, and then run through the door, as it closes pretty quickly. You'll now find yourself back in the room with the two bridges. Make your way back to where you've just come from (by jumping up onto one of the bridges), jump the gap and use the save crystal if you haven't already.

Before you venture down the stairs, go to the left behind the columns and find a small medipack. Now it's time to descend the you do so, some scary music starts up and two wolves appear! Shoot them, jumping around and back-flipping by pressing the 'jump' button and the 'direction buttons' at the same time, and hopefully you'll escape more-or-less unhurt! Now you'll find yourself in a large area covered in vegetation. Behind the columns at the foot of the stairs, there's a ledge covered in foliage that you can reach by running and jumping over to it. You can also get to it by climbing up the stones on either side of the ledge and jumping across. There you'll find a small room...go inside and find the third secret, a large medipack. Exit the room and jump down. At the other end of the main area is a flight of grey, stone steps, and opposite that an alcove containing yet another small medipack. Pick it up then climb the steps until you come to a lever. This lever opens the door on the left, but it's timed! To get to it, you'll have to pull the lever, walk to the edge, jump to the low stone below, walk to the edge of this then jump and grab the ledge below the door, pulling yourself up and running through it before it closes. If this is too hard, you can jump to the floor then run around to the ledge below the door and pull yourself up that way.

Run up the stairs ahead, avoiding the wall-darts, and then draw your pistols at the top of the stairs to pick off a wolf hiding to the left of the wall. You'll notice a part of the floor that looks is! Stand on it and drop through to the room below. You'll now find yourself in a long room, below which you'll see the wooden door you couldn't open at the beginning! Cool! Go to the far end of the room you are in until you come to a gap. Jump over and turn left, drawing your pistols to pick off another wolf. Pick up the large medipack AFTER you have killed the wolf. Carry on until you come to a lever. Pull it to open the level-exit doors and then make your way back to where the large medipack was. Jump down, slide to the ground and go through the doors to exit the level!

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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