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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | City of Vilcabamba | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 2 - City of Vilcabamba - 3 secrets and 2 save crystals

In this level you will find a silver key and a gold idol, both of which are needed to open doors.

Right, as soon as you walk through the entrance to the second level, a pack of four wolves pounce! Pick them off by jumping around and shooting until they are all dead.

It’s up to you which direction you take, as the area is really one big square and you’ll eventually end up where you began. You’ll see various doors on the way around, but we’ll ignore them for now. We’ll take the easiest root. Walk forward, enter the passage to the far right of the entrance (screenshot). You will need to keep your pistols at the ready at all times, as this area is filled with lurking creatures at every turn! As soon as Lara takes aim, whether you see anything or not, start shooting!

As you are walking, you’ll come across a single wolf that needs to be dispatched! After you have done this, walk as far as you can, then turn left where you’ll meet three more bats, and another wolf hiding around the corner. A small medipack is hidden amongst the plants. Turn left and continue forward, keeping those pistols at the ready for five more bats! At the end of the passage, turn left again, and shoot another bat. Towards the end of the passageway, just before the steps, turn left. You’ll have to kill two more bats before returning to the main hallway that leads to the main room with the pool. To the right of the pool are two doorways…go toward the right-hand side one (screenshot), inside of which is a bear. Once you approach the doorway, it will come out after you. However, on several occasions, as I've approached the doorway, it's sneaked up behind me! You can either take your chances and try and shoot it out in the open, or run inside the room and climb up onto the platform to shoot it where it can’t reach you! Once this is done, climb up to pick up the small medipack from the top of the platform and then drop back down and return to the pool area.

You’ll need to jump into the pool and swim down the passage until you come to two turnings. Take the right hand turning, swimming up and forward until you can turn left where you’ll see a lever on the wall. Position yourself in front of it and press 'action' to pull it to open a door elsewhere. (Note: you may have to press the action button rapidly several times before she’s in the correct position to pull the lever!) Once you’ve done this, swim ahead and to the right to the opposite side of the room. You will see a lever on the far-left wall. Pull it to open a trapdoor above the lever. Swim up and climb out to find the level’s first secret, a small medipack. Pull the switch to the right of the door and exit the room. Jump into the pool again, this time swimming down the left passage until you come to a room in which a door was opened by the first underwater lever. Inside you’ll find Magnum clips and a small medipack. This is the second secret. Swim back to the main area and climb out.

Stand with your back to the two doors where you shot the bear and look ahead and to the right. You’ll see a door with a switch next to it (screenshot). Throw the switch and enter the room.

Climb the stairs and take a running jump across the gap and then stop at the edge. Look down and you’ll see a large room with a cracked ledge. Look ahead to see a wall decorated with skulls. To reach the ledge on that wall, you need to run across the cracked ledge and then jump across to find a large medipack. If you don’t make it, don’t worry…In the wall below and slightly to the left you’ll see a movable block of stone. These blocks almost always stand out as they look slightly different to the fixed ones. To pull/push movable blocks, position yourself directly in front and then press 'action'. Lara will crouch down ready to move it. In this instance, you need to press the 'back' button and Lara will pull out the block. Position the block in front of the skull-ledge and climb up to retrieve the medipack. Drop down and push the block through its original hole and through into the next room by pressing 'action' and 'forward' several times, then draw your pistol to kill a bat. Continue forward and step up onto the ledge. Collect the silver key and the gold idol from the two alcoves in that area.

Go back to the block you pushed in from the last room and use it to climb onto the platform above it. Kill the two bats then use the save crystal to save your game. (Hint: always save your game facing in the direction you need to go next…this saves confusion if you go back to your game after some time and have forgotten where you are!)

Walk forward to the opening in the wall, and to the left, in a dark area on the ground, you’ll find a large medipack. Pick this up before going through the opening, and hang from the ledge before dropping down into the passage below.

Turn left to follow the passage to the right, to find a locked door which you can now open with the silver key you’ve just picked up. Through the door is another dart-trap which you can avoid by running and jumping to get past! Beyond, you’ll see a red-roofed building with 3 doorways.The walk to this building should be taken with caution, as there are five wolves at various places, so keep that pistol drawn and firing as you make your way through.

The door on the left is open…enter and follow the passage until you come to a room with a pool surrounded by stairs and ledges. Climb the stairs and walk to the edge. Jump forward and press 'action' to grab the ledge before pulling yourself up. You’ll need to position Lara at the corner of this ledge, facing the next platform, using the 'look' button, L1, to make sure you’re in the right position. Then take a running jump across (by standing at the edge, hopping back once, then press forward and jump at the same time) and climb the stairs, killing the bat at the top when you come to another ledge. Take a running jump across to the next one and continue up the next flight of stairs. (I love this area…very realistic and beautifully done!) Kill another bat, retrieve the small medipack and pull the switch on the wall, which opens another one of the three doors at the front of the building. (Hint: if you are not sure whether a drop is too far for Lara to fall without taking some damage, turn with your back to the edge, tap back and press action to grab, letting her fall from a safer distance. This is called a safety drop.) Leave the room via the exit door to the right of the lever and safety drop to the grey ledge below, where you’ll find some shotgun shells and another small medipack on the red part of the roof below. Drop down to the ground and enter the door that’s just opened to the right of the building.

Through the door, you’ll come to another pool area with some stairs to the right. Climb them and take a running jump across to the next ledge, pressing 'action' to grab it as it’s a long jump! This is called 'run, jump and grab'. It’s easier to line up if the cracked ledge is not there, so if you’re feeling brave, you can step onto the cracked ledge and then jump back…part of the ledge breaks away enabling you to walk to the edge then run, jump and grab the ledge ahead. Now walk to the edge of that ledge, jump up to grab the ledge above and pull up. Turn around, walk to the edge, grab the next higher ledge and pull up. Ignore the ledges on the other side of the room. Instead turn right and take a running jump to grab the ledge near the doorway.

Once there, a bat appears in the doorway, so draw your pistols straight away. Climb the stairs until you come to another room with a switch which opens the third and final door to the building. Go out through the exit doorway to the left of the switch, and use the save crystal to save your game. You are quite high up, so you’ll need to do a few safety drops to make your way to the ground.

Once there, enter the middle door, but proceed with caution! When you enter, three giant blades begin to swing back and forth, so you’ll need to take each one at a time, running through them as the blades swing away! Ahead is a gate through which you can see a prowling bear! To the right of the gate is a switch. Pull the switch and the floor beneath your feet falls away and you plunge into a pool of water. Swim forward and up and to the right through a small opening about halfway up the wall. Keep swimming until you can surface.

Climb the stairs until you reach a room with another switch which opens the gate to the level-exit door which is off the pool below. Walk to the edge of the room and try to shoot the bear from where you are. You might have to draw it out by hanging from the ledge. If not, you’ll have to jump into the pool, climb out and kill it before it gets you first!

Jump into the pool if you haven't already. Climb out, but before you go through the level-exit doorway with the gold plaque on the wall, head for the stairway to the left of it. Climb to the top where you’ll find a switch…this stops the swinging blades, but as you won’t be going back there, there’s no need to pull it. Turn around so your back is to the switch, and look ahead and to the far-left where you’ll see a doorway. Go through and drop down twice to find some Uzi clips which are the third secret. Go back to the pool the way you came and place the gold idol into the space to the right of the level-exit doorway. Go through it to end the level.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t so hard after all…but give it time!

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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