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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | St. Francis' Folly | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 5 – St. Francis’ Folly

  • 4 secrets
  • 5 save crystals
  • 23 kills
  • 19 pickups

In this level you are looking for 4 keys that will open the level-exit door.

A small movie begins the level, which sees Lara breaking into Natla’s office where she finds a book revealing the whereabouts of the Tomb of Tihocan, and with it, another part of the scion! Off she travels to St. Francis Folly

When you first enter the level, you need to draw your pistols as two lions are about to charge! The safest way to pick them off is to climb onto a low platform as soon as you enter and shoot them from there!

From the entrance doorway, continue straight ahead and look to the right where you’ll see a movable block set in a groove in the floor. Stand behind it, with Lara facing the level-entrance, and push it over the omega sign on the floor. This, plus a lever you find later, opens the door that you see when you move the block.

Then pull the block twice onto the other omega sign, to open a door to the back of the room. Go around to the other side and push it so it’s positioned next to the larger block on the left.

Go to the door you just opened, but before you go in, notice a pressure pad on the floor…this closes the door behind you, so before you step onto it, draw your shotgun and wait there for two gorillas to descend from above and kill them from there! (You can either avoid the pressure pad by jumping over it, or use the lever up the right-hand staircase to re-open the door.) Look forward from the doorway and notice a lever…this opens the door you saw when you first pushed the movable block. As soon as you pull the lever, roll and draw weapons for a gorilla that comes charging down the stairs to your right.

Draw your pistols, not the shotgun, and walk cautiously back out of the door! Pierre is waiting for you, but you can’t kill him yet! Stay just outside of the room and keep firing at him as he appears, jumping from side to side and up and down until Lara loses the target…this means he’s gone…for now! You can also just ignore him and carry on with the rest of the level if you don't want to get into another gunfight, but you will need to top up your health as he will still fire at you.

Go back to the movable block in the groove on the floor and climb up it. You need to jump and grab the nearest block. Turn left and take a run, jump and grab over to the next block, pull up, turn left and take a running jump over to the platform ahead! Inside is a room with several angled blocks.

OK, now you have to perform a really tricky jump sequence to grab the ledge above! Don’t expect to do this first time if you are a beginner, but if you do…well done!

Face the wall opposite the door, near the left slope (screenshot). Keeping the jump button pressed, jump left, jump again, you should land on the slanted ledge that was originally on your right, and then jump forward and press 'action' to grab the ledge above you! When you get on top of that ledge, turn left. Then put your back to the taller pillar. Jump forward holding in the jump button, Lara will jump backwards after that, and then jump forward again. Grab onto the upper ledge there, and pull up to retrieve the first secret, a large medipack and some shotgun shells. Be careful not to step onto the cracked part of the floor. Get back down via a series of safety drops.

Go back to the entrance and run and jump back to the pillar. Turn right, walk to the edge and jump to the next, then turn left and walk to the edge. Jump to grab the taller pillar ahead and retrieve the large medipack before taking a running jump to the ledge that goes around the top of the building, from the left corner of the block.

Make your way, via a series of running jumps over the gaps, to the door you opened earlier and you’ll see a long slide ahead. At the bottom of the slide, opposite, there is a secret room which is pretty hard to get to, and if you miss, you’ll have to start the whole level again! (Not the PC version as you can save the game where you like, so please save your game before you attempt this if possible.) Stand with your back to the slide and step onto it, holding action as you slide down, to grab the edge when you reach the bottom. Pull up and then let Lara drop back to the slope below, and press jump immediately so she jumps back off the second slope…if all went well you should back-flip off the ramp into the secret room to retrieve the second secret, some shotgun shells and a small medipack (video).

  1. If you miss the secret, you will land in water and must swim forward to a small square opening above…climb out to find the third secret, some shotgun shells. (There’s a crocodile after you, but you should be okay if you keep moving!)

  2. If you managed to get to the secret room, drop through a small alcove to a room with a switch. This drains the water, but you don’t want to do that just yet. You may or may not be able to get the croc from the opening in the floor, but if not you can get him later once you have drained the water. Drop into the water and turn around to find the opening above to the third secret, shotgun shells, or the shotgun if you don't already have it.

Return to the room with the switch and pull it now. If you didn’t get the croc earlier, you may be able to get it from where you are now, but if not, jump down and use the shotgun.

Run along the passage to find a stairway on the right hand side…go up and use the save crystal you find at the top. You’ll find yourself in a six-story room with a lot of landings and ledges. In this area are four doors named after four Greek gods…Atlas, Damocles, Neptune and Thor. Behind each door is a need all four to exit the level. This can seem very complicated, but basically, there are four levers which can be found on the central structure and the ground floor, and these open the four doors. These can be done in any order really, but it’s going to take some time, no matter how you do it!

The switches are all on the large structure in the centre of the room. The doors to each area are around the perimeter of the room. The structure is set out like this:

  • Fifth level - Neptune door
  • Fourth level - Thor switch
  • Third level - Damocles switch and Atlas door
  • Second level - Thor door
  • First level - Neptune switch and Damocles door
  • Ground level - Atlas switch and level exit.

Take a running jump to the central structure…be careful because it’s a long way down! Draw your pistols for three bats. Cross to the opening and drop down to pull the lever that opens the Thor door. Still facing the lever, look to the right and then make sure you have full-health before you proceed! There is a pressure-pad opposite, which opens a secret door far below, but it’s timed!

Turn around and do a side jump to the left landing on the grey pressure pad (screenshot). Once you step off the pad, a timer starts. Now you have to be careful and fast. Run forward and run off of the edge, then when you land, do the same again. After you land the second time, roll and head for the open door in the far wall beneath the ledge you are on. You will have to run of the edge and through the doorway. There will be two bats that attack you once you are inside, but once they are dealt with, you can collect the fourth secret, a large medipack and some Magnum clips.

There’s a save crystal on the ground floor for you to save your game now, as the next time you come down here will be to exit the level.

Somewhere on the ground floor central pillar is a lever to open the Atlas door. Pull it before climbing the stairs at the side of the room, and jumping to grab the ledge above.

The ledge ahead and slightly to the right (screenshot) contains come Magnum clips and another bat. Jump over, kill the bat and retrieve the clips. Turn around and jump back to the other platform, then run, jump and grab the edge of the central structure and pull up. Find and pull the lever for the Neptune door.

If you saved your game below, you might want to leave the save crystal you find here for later. I’ll indicate all of the crystals, but you can decide where you save your game. Jump over to the top of the stairs beside the Damocles door. On the ledge above the door you will find a large medipack.

Go get it and return to the top of the steps and jump over to grab the edge of the central structure and pull up.

Go ahead and to the right and take a running jump over to the ledge with your pistols drawn…roll and kill a couple of bats. Jump back over to the central structure, walk forward and to the right, walk to the edge and jump and grab the opposite ledge. Climb up the blocks to kill two more bats. Turn and jump back to the central structure.

At the other side of the block is another save crystal and a lever to open the Damocles door. To the left, you’ll see a medipack on the ledge opposite. Go and get it by running and jumping there and back and then return to the lever. Climb up onto the block next to it and jump up to grab the ledge above, pulling yourself up. This level contains the Thor switch you pulled earlier! Two bats may appear here.

To kill another bat, take a running jump across to the stairs below and to the left of the first door you came through to reach this area (screenshot). Climb the stairs after dispatching the bat!

Run and jump over to the central structure Look ahead to see the Neptune door. Jump over the gap and then run and jump over the next one to reach the door. I hope you’ve saved your game before now! Remember, Neptune was a water god, so be prepared for a swim! Inside the room is a very deep pool. Once you jump in, a strong current will pull you down. At the bottom is a gate, but before you reach this gate, on the left before you get to the bottom, is a hole in the wall with a lever…you need to pull this before going for the gate to collect the first key. If you want, re-surface for a breath of air before going for the key after pulling the lever. (Remember, to pull an underwater lever, position yourself as near to it as possible, keeping 'action' pressed to get Lara in the position to pull it!) Retrieve the key and leave the room, jumping back to the centre structure and dropping down two levels.

You’ll probably find yourself under fire from the dastardly Pierre…he’s at ground level, with a couple of lions! You can possibly get rid of him by using your pistols and jumping up and down to avoid his bullets! He won’t die, he’ll just disappear for a while! However, it may be faster to just ignore him until you reach a lower level and then get rid of him before tackling his beastly friends!

Find the Atlas room and enter cautiously, using your shotgun to kill a gorilla lurking in the doorway! At the other side of the room, there’s a pressure pad which opens the gate near it…run through and to the left, dropping down a small pit to retrieve a small medipack. As you climb out, you’ll see a large ramp ahead, with a boulder at the top, which is released as you walk up the ramp. You can avoid the boulder by running up and grabbing a ledge to the left and pulling up, or (easier) back-flip into the pit you just came from and keeping close to the front edge to let the boulder roll past you.

Climb up on to the ledge to the left of the ramp and retrieve the second key. Go back the way you came to leave the room, jumping back over to the central structure. Turn left and drop down to the next level. Here you find another save crystal which you may want to use before entering the Thor room! (Remember, Thor was associated with thunder and a whopping, big hammer!) If you haven't seen or heard Pierre and the lions before now, you'll hear a beastly growl!

Now, walk down the steps and stop before you enter the room. Notice a large lightning ball on the ceiling…this will start shooting bolts of lightening around the room, striking the dark squares on the floor. Keeping close to the wall and WALKING, turn right then left at the next wall. Notice the dark square on the floor ahead of you…you can either take your chance and run/jump over this (making sure you have full life), or do a roll-dive over it by pressing 'walk', 'jump' and 'forward'. Stop in the next room and notice a huge hammer tied to the ceiling with a thick rope. Underneath the hammer is a pressure pad…you need to stand on this until you hear the rope snap, then run forward a pace or jump back. The hammer falls, and with it a couple of stone blocks. Push one of these over to the ledge to the right of the room and climb up it. Go to the next moveable block on the right of the ledge, climb over it and push it three times before climbing on top of it. Jump and grab the tall pillar and pull up to retrieve the small medipack. Take a run, jump and grab over to the next ledge and pull up. Enter and retrieve the third key. Go back exactly the way you came to exit the room.

Go back to the central structure and drop down to the next level. If you didn’t get rid of Pierre earlier, he may still take pot-shots at you, so try to get rid of him from where you are or run quickly inside the Damocles room to avoid him! Look up to see several swords hanging form the ceiling…they won’t harm you…yet! Go through to the next room and get the fourth key and then climb up to the ledge above to find some goodies, a small medipack and some shotgun shells! Go back, and you’ll have to walk slowly through the next room…there are lots of varying opinions on the best way to proceed, but I just walk slowly, and when I hear a sword falling or see a shadow appear in front of me, I stand still! Try to avoid the shadows on the floor, but it’s impossible not to set off any swords, so just proceed very, very cautiously!

Once you are out, if you haven’t rid yourself of Pierre, now’s the time! Shoot at him until he disappears and then finish off the two lions (or wait until you are at their level!). My daughter has played this level several times and on occasion Pierre hasn't appeared at all! Drop down to ground level and use the keys in the four keyholes next to the level-exit door. Stand in front of the keyholes and press 'action' until you find the correct key for each keyhole.

Once the door is opened, walk through it to the next level!

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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