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Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough | Tomb of Qualopec | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 4 – Tomb of Qualopec – 3 secrets and 3 save crystals

In this level you will find the first piece of the scion.

Start by following the passage to a large room with a sloped passageway ahead and two doors (to the left and right). At the top of the sloped passageway is a boulder which you can release by walking up the passage and rolling (press the 'roll' button) when you hear the boulder released. Run down the passage and to one side to let the boulder pass you. It ends up in the entrance you have just come from.

If you stand with your back to the level-entrance, the doorway to your left has three gates that need to be raised. The one to your right is closed, but there’s a switch round the right corner from where you are standing that opens it. Once the door is opened, two raptors run through, but you have plenty of space to dispatch them by jumping around as you shoot. Just don’t get cornered! You may want to use your new shotgun, or save the ammo by just using your pistols.

Go through the door you just opened and go forward until you come to an intersection with 4 passageways. Here you’ll find a save crystal, but I’d advise waiting until you return after the first task to save your game. If you look just above each doorway, you’ll see 3 different pictures, a bird, a sun and a face.

Take the right passage (the one with the face) until you come to an area with a movable block…push it twice. Push the next block once to reveal a small passageway. Look at the cracked floor ahead. You are going to have to run over this without stopping as there are blood-stained spikes underneath which will kill Lara instantly! Pull the switch to raise the first of the three gates and then WALK to the edge of the spike-pit and jump and grab over to the other side, returning to the intersection.

Save your game here if you wish, then follow the passageway with the bird to a room with a switch. Don’t pull this yet. There’s a room off this area with two large, moveable blocks…drop down into the room. Take the left passageway to emerge on top of the first block. Turn right and notice the opening. Do a standing jump from the edge of the block to grab the ledge and pull up. Make your way as far as you can until you emerge on top of the second block. (Did you hear the noise of a door opening somewhere?)

Again, turn right and jump and grab the opening, continuing until you come to a switch…pull this. This moves the second block further into the big room. Return again to the big room with the two large blocks and find the small ramp that will allow you to climb up to the opening you first entered (screenshot). Pull the switch you left earlier to move the first block.

Look to your right…this is the door that opened when you visited the second block. Go through and climb as far as you can until you come out near the second block. Take a running jump over to this and another over to the first block. Notice the spikes on the floor…take another running jump over them to reach the small doorway. Pull the switch you find inside to release the second gate.

To return to the big room, you can take a running jump over the spikes to the floor, or run and jump over to the block and jump down from there. Climb up the small ramp again to the room with the first switch and tackle another raptor that appears from the passageway. Once it’s dead, go back along the passage to the intersection.

Enter the last doorway with the sun picture and proceed until you come to a switch near a cracked floor. The switch is a red-herring…you only want to try and pull this if you want to fall and damage yourself! Instead, step onto the cracked floor then jump back quickly! There is a room below with three wolves ready to pounce! Safety-drop into the room and dispatch them as fast as you can!

Once that’s done, take a look around. You’ll see a ramp at either side and a moveable block at the center-top. This needs to be pulled, and then pushed aside to reveal an opening with another passageway. Follow it, climbing up as far as you can, picking up a small medipack at the bottom of a pit as you go. Pull the switch you find at the end to open the final gate, picking up another small medipack from the corner of the room, then drop through the opening across from the switch to return to the intersection.

Now the passageway with the three gates is accessible. Go through it and use the save crystal. Run and jump past the wall-darts and stop on the second step. Turn to your left and step down close to the dart-pipe. Look up and you’ll see an opening. Climb up into it. The room ahead has a cracked floor with a solid platform in the left corner. Run to it and retrieve the first secret, the shotgun shells (and shotgun if you don't already have it).

Stand with your back to the doorway. If the floor behind you hasn't broken away, jump onto it and then back forward; drop and grab the platform. Shimmy left as far as you can and then drop. Lara should land safely below to pick up some Magnum clips from the floor, which are the second secret. Now turn and WALK through the spikes! If you run, you’ll take serious damage and probably die! Find the clear spot under the exit door and pull up into it by pressing 'action' and 'forward'…do not jump! Do a safety drop back down to the stairs to avoid the wall-darts, or jump from the doorway up the stairs.

Continue up the stairs until you reach the Tomb of Qualapec! Notice a mummy to the left, the exit gate to the right and a pedestal in the centre of the room. The mummy is moving and Lara will aim and kill if her weapon is drawn. It won’t harm you, but goes toward the kill count if you want it! Use your pistols and not the shotgun (to save precious ammo!) and shoot until it falls.

Walk to the pedestal and see the scion piece. Press 'action' to take it…You need to start running toward the exit gate as the room begins to shake and the ceiling starts to collapse! The gate opens as you approach, so run through it down the ramp (the one the boulder rolled from at the beginning), through the first, large room and straight across to the passageway where you first entered the level. Side-step past the boulder and walk back towards the waterfall. Save your game with the save crystal here.

Back at the waterfall, you’ll find Larson (one of Natla’s henchmen) waiting at the other side. Now you have a shootout with him, which ends the level, but if you do it from where you are, you won’t get the the third secret, a medipack and some Magnum clips. So, if you are feeling a bit wimpy, pick him off now, jumping up and down as you shoot him with your pistols, otherwise, jump into the water and look for a tunnel to the right. Swim to a small room and pick up the goodies before returning to the pool.

Now, if you are intent on retrieving every, single pick-up of the game, you can jump back into the water, swim straight ahead and climb out near Larson, (making sure you have enough health for when he starts to shoot), jump over the rocks toward the valley and you’ll come to a steep wall. At the top is a large medipack. (Notice that the way ahead is now blocked off!) Return to the cave opening and keep firing at Larson. When you’ve hit him enough, there’s a cut scene in which Lara confronts the henchman!

He tells Lara that there are more parts to the scion she holds, and another man hired by Natla, called Pierre DuPont is also after them.. After this conversation, Larson goes for his gun but is knocked on the head by Lara who goes on to the next level!

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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