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Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough | Barkhang Monastery | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 12: Barkhang Monastery

  • 3 secrets
  • 4 keys
  • 2 gemstones
  • 5 prayer wheels
  • 30 kills, not including the friendly monks.
  • 41 pickups altogether, including secret items

Firstly, you need to know that the monks in this level are friendly, but if you harm one, on purpose or otherwise, they will attack you and your journey will be far more difficult than it should be. They often fight with the bad guys (not always successfully), so unless you know who you are aiming for, stay out of it until it's over! You can then clean up any mess that they may leave behind.

You begin the level in a small passage. Follow this until you come to the monastery courtyard where some monks are fighting with a couple of thugs. If you decide to help out, take care not to shoot the monks. When the bad guys are dead, search them for a small medipackautomatic pistol clips and two sets of Uzi clips.

You can't get into the monastery via the front door, so you are going to have to find another way in. Opposite the steps is a ladder...climb this, then quickly arm yourself for a nasty crow. Turn to face the opening you came through, and slightly to the right so you can jump forward onto the ledge there (screenshot). Turn around and take a standing jump to the ledge opposite. Drop down on to the walkway below, go to the end, then jump to the flat rock ahead and slightly to the right (screenshot). Take out your pistols for two more crows.

Turn around and sideflip to the slope on the left (screenshot), pressing 'action' to grab the edge when you begin to slide. Drop and grab the crevice below, then shimmy left until you can stand up. Go onto the balcony and shoot out the windows to the library. Climb through the window and exit the library at the other end. You will see a monk in the hallway, and he will follow you into the stongroom straight opposite the library entrance, where a thug will enter via the window as you approach it. The monk will fight with him, but you can help, and when the baddie is dead, pick up the Uzi clips he drops. The balcony outside has some grenades at the right-hand side.

Return to the hallway and turn right. At the end are some double-doors that you can't open, yet. At either side are rooms...the one on the right has some rolling blades. Go into the room opposite that one. At one end you will see an alcove with a ladder. A monk who is in that room will exit to deal with another baddie...follow him, and after the fight is over, pick up the automatic pistol clips he drops.

Go back to the room with the ladder and climb up it to a balcony above the main hall. Turn right and go down the walkway on the left and pick up the Main Hall key from the low platform at the end. Turn around and follow the balcony to the left, all the way around. Drop down at the end. The passageway ahead is a boulder-trap, so run past it to trigger the trap safely. Follow the passage to some flares on the you approach them you trigger another boulder, so jump back immediately.

The right passage just leads to a crate you can't do much with, so take the left passage and follow it to a pool with a strong current. When you jump in you will be pulled toward the grating in the center of the pool floor. Please save your game before you continue. Keep to the right-hand side, and pull against the current to get to the opening on the wall opposite where you came in. If you can't manage this, drop and hang from the doorway, drop into the pool and keep to the left-hand side...the current is not quite so strong, so though the way around the pool is longer, it may be easier to get to the opening.

Climb out and jump into the next lot of water at the bottom of a deep pit. Follow the passage, but you will need to light a flare as you go...there are three pairs of metal doors opening and closing rapidly. They are killers, so stand as close to each one as you can, and the instant they begin to open, press 'roll' to get past them. Continue on and climb the ladder at the end of the passage.

In the next room, two thugs are assaulting a him out, or let him get on with it, and pick up the small medipack from one of the thugs. If you only see one bad guy, the other will be waiting in the dark room beyond, so be prepared! Continue into the dark burner room beyond. At the other side is prayer wheel #1...go and pick it up. When you do, the burners in the room light up. You can get past them quite easily by doing a couple of standing jumps over them (screenshot).

In the room with the monk there are two movable boxes. Pull the first one once (in the direction of the burner room), the go to the second one and pull that out twice to reveal a passage. Follow it to a ladder and climb up to end up back in the boulder passage. Turn right at the boulder, then take the left turn and make your way back across the balcony, down the ladder, and back to the double-doors of the main hall. Use the key you found to enter.

Run into the middle of the Hall, then turn around...three thugs enter and start a fight with some out if you can do so safely, then search the bodies as they drop a small medipack, a large medipack and some automatic pistol clips. As you enter the Hall, there is an open doorway on the right. Go into the room and through the passage on the other side. Be careful as the hallway there is filled with swinging blades coming out of the walls. You only need to get past the first one. Stand close to it, then sideflip over it safely. Enter the room on the left where the monk is, and find the strongroom key.

Exit the room, jump over the blade and go back to the Main Hall, exiting through the large, double-doors. Follow the hallway to the end and turn left to get back to the stongroom. Open the wooden door in there and pick up the rooftops key. Go back and this time enter the room with the rolling blades. You should be able to get past the blades quite easily to use the key to open the door at the other side of the room.

Go up the stairs to the rooftops and have a look around. There is a passageway with some burners that you need to get past. To the right is an opening set between two golden statues. Go through it and turn right to find a lever. This turns off the burners for around 20 seconds. Pull it, run to the burners and take standing jumps to get past them, not running jumps or you'll get stuck! I actually didn't bother with the lever, I just managed to jump over them while they were lit, making sure to stay in the centre between each one.

Go down the stairs on the left. You will hear a confrontation between some monks and a couple of thugs behind you. When the baddies are down, search them for Uzi clips and a small medipack. Go back into the area with the gold trapdoors and climb up the ladder on the right wall to pick up some M-16 clips. Go back down and pull the lever to open two of the trapdoors. Safety drop down into the room below.

Shoot out the windows in the room to pick up the two gemstones, then pull the lever around the corner to open a trapdoor above. Climb the ladder to get back out, go back to the burner passage and turn left to go up the steps into the next room. There is a receptacle on the left one of the gemstones into it to open the door behind you. In the left of that room is a box...pull it out twice and climb over it to find prayer wheel #2.

Exit the area, past the burners, down the stairs, back through the rolling-blades, then right into the main hall again. Cross to the far right corner (down the steps) and enter the hallway, then turn right into a room filled with wooden crates. If you want all the pickups in the room, you need to shuffle a few of them. Go around to the left of the first crate and pull it out. Then go behind it, through the barrels, and push it once. Then pull it toward the entrance so it blocks the doorway (screenshots). Go behind it and pull the second crate out once, so it is now where the first one was. Climb over it to find some automatic pistol clips. Climb on top of it and pull the crate to the left of it so it's now on top of crate #2. Go around and pick up the two sets of harpoons it was concealing. To unblock the doorway, just push the first crate out of the way.

Cross to the other side of the room and enter the passageway, jumping over the grating that will fall away as you land on it. If you do fall through, quickly press 'action' to grab the ladder. Nothing of interest lies down there.

Carry on down the passage, turning right at the end. Take the next left turn to run up some stairs, but don't dawdle as there are four thugs on your tail! Shoot out the window at the top, climb onto the ledge, roll and grab the edge, then drop down into the courtyard area below. There are some monks there, looking very upset about something...pull the lever next to the door to let them through to deal with your rat problem!

You can either follow them and wait for the fight to end and search the bodies for a small medipack, a large medipack and some shotgun shells, or you can wait until later. Whatever you do, you need to be in the courtyard...there is a ladder on wall opposite the doorway...climb the ladders all the way to the top to find prayer wheel #3. Climb back down, jumping to grab each ladder on the way, head into the doorway opposite and make your way back to the room with the crates. It's at the top of the stairs and via a series of left turns. Please take care not to fall down the ladder pit near the crate room...Lara will take some serious damage! If you do fall in, immediately press the action button and Lara should grab the ladder.

Exit the crate room (you may need to move the box you placed in front of the doorway earlier) and turn right this time. Go into the room at the end, where two monks will pass you. The doorway on the left leads to a hallway with more burner traps. As you enter, you'll hear the noise of gunfire and fighting behind you...join in or wait until it's over before picking clean the bodies of the two thugs they were fighting! You will find some Uzi clips and grenades.

Now to go and face the traps...In front of you is a burner, with two spiked balls swinging away ahead of them. You need to step onto the burner at either side, which will shut off, then run into the pit ahead when the ball swings away from you. Go to the other side of the pit, but don't pull up there...turn around and pull up onto the ledge just after the ball-trap. Turn to face the other trap at either side (screenshot). When the rolling blade ahead rolls to the left, jump the gap and run onto the burner pad, which shuts off. Again, wait until the swinging spiked ball swings away and run into the pit ahead. Face right and pull up at that side, or you'll be sliced and diced!

Ok, you really, really want to be away from this horrid area, but there's something to do the rolling blade rolls past you to the left, follow it and quicky duck into one of the alcoves about half-way up. When it rolls past again, continue up the passage and turn left...stop quickly as there's another set of clanging, metal doors ahead! Roll through them, then turn the corner to tackle another set...however, you can see now why it's all been worth it as you pick up the Jade Dragon!

Make your way just as carefully back, using the alcoves again, then into the room to the left of the rolling blade passage. Pick up the trapdoor key in the corner, then go through the passage next to it. At the top is a slope with a pool of water at the bottom. Slide down into it and swim toward the right-hand corner. On the wall to the right of the ladder is an opening...swim through it to find the Silver Dragon. Once you've drained the pool in here, that opening will be out of reach.

In the left corner from the entrance is an opening...go through there and follow the passage to the main hall again. To the right of the main doors (as you are facing them) is a gold trapdoor (screenshot)...use the key in the lock on the wall to open it. Drop down and climb out at the end of the passage. To the left is a small courtyard area with a lever and a patrolling monk. When you pull the lever, the doors leading back to the main hall open. Another fight with two enemies will ensue, but you don't need to bother with that unless you want to join in, they don't drop anything.

Turn around facing away from the lever and go through the doorway at the other side, to an outside area. Follow the path until you come to a high pillar. On the wall to the left of it is an opening. Pull up into it and climb the ladder there. At the top is an opening that leads onto a high path. Drop down onto it and turn right. When you reach the wooden bridge, a crow will attack from behind, and a thug with a gun will attack from over the bridge. Deal with them, then search the bloke for some M-16 clips.

Cross the bridge and turn will encounter two more crows and another monk, so be carefull which of them you shoot! To the immediate right of the entrance to this area is a sloped ledge...go as near to it as you can and jump forward to land on the flat part at the top. Run, jump and grab to the next ledge, then walk to the edge of that and turn left to face the building in the middle. Run, jump and grab to the low part and pull yourself up (screenshot).

In the middle of the roof is an a safety drop down into the room below and find prayer wheel #4. There is a lever next to the exit door, so pull it and leave the building, but be careful as there's another fight outside between a thug and a monk, which you may feel like joining...when it's over pick up the baddy's shotgun shells. You may want to save before the fight, as the baddie fell on a slope and I couldn't pick up the shells and had to reload!

Go right back the way you came, back to the main hall again. The monks have probably taken care of the bad guys that you let out, so if should be safe to enter. This time you need to go to the door on the wall opposite the trapdoor, right near the blue railings (screenshot). Climb the ladder, and when you reach the top, follow the passage and stop at the opening in the wall. Run, jump and grab to the giant statue ahead. Turn right and climb up onto the hand, then run, jump and grab across to the head. Walk over the top and do a running jump to the other hand. From the other edge of this, jump and grab the opening ahead, pull up and place the remaining gemstone in the receptacle on the wall to open a trapdoor below the statue.

Do a standing jump from the edge of the opening to the statue's hand. Drop down to the reddish shoulder part ahead, then turn to face the main hall and drop backwards onto the grey area below, probably taking damage. Jump to the flat part of the red slope behind the statue (screenshot), then climb up into the opening to find the Gold Dragon along with four sets of M-16 clips if you found all of the secrets.

The trapdoor you opened can be reached by running into the small doorway at the front of the statue. Drop into it and follow the passage, pulling up into the room at the end. There's a lever on the right side of the railings...pull it to open the wooden door in the room. Go through and push the crate towards the water flow (screenshot). This stops the water from flowing into the pool.

Enter the previous room and slide backwards down the ramp on the 'action' to grab the end then drop into the now drained pool. Roll, then run forward and climb up onto the ledge with the movable crate. Push it to one side to reveal prayer wheel #5. Climb the ladder at the other end of the pool, turn left and make your way across the top to the opening. This takes you back to the main hall.

At the other end of the statue are some stairs...go up them and place the five prayer wheels into their receptacles to open the large double-doors. Enter the next room and place the Seraph into the receptacle on the wall. The door to the right opens...go through it to end the level.

If you missed anything while playing the PC version,here is the savegame file with all kills*, pickups and secrets.

*For some reason, the game stats are not registering all of the kills I have made, but I assure you I have them all. Perhaps some of them did not register if the monks killed them instead of me, I'm not sure, but this is not the only level where the stats don't match my kills. Please bear this in mind if you decide to use my save files.

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