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Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough | Diving Area | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 6: Diving Area

  • 3 secrets
  • 3 pass cards
  • 34 kills
  • 36 pickups altogether, including secret items

Continue up the stairs. You will come to an opening overlooking a pool of water with a ladder at the other side. You may feel tempted to jump into the water, but don't just yet...there's a huge fan that will suck Lara into it! You need to shut this off before you do anything else. Run, jump and grab to the ladder, climb up and follow the passage to a button. Push this to shut off the fan. Behind the fan are two pairs of grenades if you want to get them. You may need to light a flare if you want to get your bearings.

As you are facing the ladder, look down into the water to the right of it to see a lever...this opens a door on the landing nearby. Pull it and then climb out, readying weapons before you continue. As you enter the next room with the swinging hooks, a dog and two thugs appear from the left...these drop two sets of Uzi clips and some shotgun shells when they are down. Also, in the room over the water are another couple of may be able to get them from where you are if you are patient.

To get to the other side, position yourself so you are facing the right side of the first block with the swinging hook (screenshot). Jump and grab the edge and pull up, making sure you are as far right as possible. Run, jump and grab to the second block when the hook swings away, then run and jump to the other side from there. You can deck the two bad guys if you didn't get them before, and pick up their dropped goodies, some flares and a small medipack.

In the room ahead you'll see a long sloped floor with a toxic waste pool at the bottom. Set in the sloped floor is an opening...slide forwards or backwards into this to find the Silver Dragon. Save your game and climb out of the opening to slide down the slope, and jump at the very bottom to land on the platform ahead. Please don't press 'action' to grab the edge or you'll miss! And take care as the toxic waste will hurt Lara if it splashes her!

Turn left and follow the passage to a very long ladder and climb to the top. Follow the next passage until you come to a small room with an opening in the floor. In the room are some automatic pistol clips and two sets of M-16 clips. The opening looks down onto a long need to drop backwards onto this as there's a drop at the end! Press 'action' as you slide to grab the edge, then release it and press it again quickly to grab the platform below. There's a baddie there, so you may want to use your shotgun as he'll be on you very quickly and at short range! Deal with him and collect the two sets of automatic pistol clips that he drops.

Left on the platform and look to Lara's left...there's an opening in the wall...walk to the edge of the gap in the railings on the platform and run and jump toward the opening. Lara won't take any damage as she'll hit the sloped wall first and slide into the opening. Once there, pick up the blue pass card. Jump down to the floor and climb through an opening in the left wall. Follow the passage to the long ladder. Jump and grab to it, climb up and make your way back to the high platform where you shot the last thug.

This time, turn right and open the door at the end with the blue pass card. Go through the next door that opens automatically and stop just inside the large, square hallway. Save your game now as there's a nasty flame-thrower in the hands of a killer to the left! He trails two equally-nasty dogs, and there are more to the right! Take the dogs on the right first, then come back for the rest, but keep a good distance from the guy as that flame-thrower has quite a reach!

Most of the doors in this area don't open, yet, so go for the one on the opposite side of the hallway from the entrance. Turn the wheel and enter, dropping a thug with a club as you do so. The room ahead has a working circular saw at the other side of a pool of water. You can see two thugs in a room opposite the entrance, but they won't bother you until you open the door to the room they are in.

There's a movable box on the left wall...this has an electric panel behind it that needs a chip. You'll be getting that soon. In the water is a passage, but when you swim near it a nasty frogman appears and begins to fire at you with his harpoon gun. You can get him with yours, or if you want to save the ammo for later, climb out onto the small ledge at the right corner of the pool (near the room entrance) and get him from there with your pistols.

Okay, this next part is quite tricky...You will need to save your game before you jump into the pool and follow the underwater passage that the frogman came out of. Swim through and turn right, but keep close to the bottom as there's a nasty current. Pull the lever at the end to open one of the doors you passed. Turn round by pressing 'roll' and take the next three rights to another lever...pull this, tap the 'look' button to get Lara's view back, keep going the way you were and take the next two rights. Swim through a grate that opens automatcially as you approach, then take the next two lefts to get back to the pool you started from. (If you manage this first time, well done!)

Climb out and go back out of the room the way you came in. Turn left then right to get to the next door. Open the wheel, enter and climb the stairs to the heliport. Here three killers will attack you, so get rid of them and pick up their automatic pistol clipsshotgun shells and a large medipack!

Carry on to the next room which has two timed burners. The two buttons on the wall (one at each side of the burner passage) turn off the burners. You are supposed to turn them off, run in, pick up what you need then run out again. However, it's very simple to bypass all of that. Just stand as close to each flame as you can (screenshot) to the left, but don't hang around as the flames can still damage Lara even when they are not touching her. Jump over, fall down the trapdoor to pick up your M-16 rifle and some M-16 clips to go with them. Climb out, jump over the next flame to pick up machine chip, then get back the same way.

Make your way back to the room with the circular saw and place the machine chip into the control panel that you saw when you moved the box near the entrance. Enter the passage beyond to a room with a small pool and some large, yellow tanks, but be armed...there's a nasty flame-thrower to the left, and a thug with a club ahead. (If the flame-thrower manages to catch Lara, jump into the water to douse the flames.) Deck these and pick up the small medipack that one of them drops, and the two lots of harpoons from the left hand side of the room (this will be the harpoon gun if you don't already have it).

On the wall opposite the entrance is what looks like a control's actually a door that opens when you approach. Enter and push the button inside to open a grating at the bottom of the pool. Swim down through it to find the Jade Dragon.

Come up for air before swimming down again and into the underwater passage. Now there are two frogmen in here who will fire harpoons at you, so you can either do the same back, or do what I do and pass them into the area beyond, which has a very deep pool with a sub at the bottom. will come to the sub soon enough!  Climb out onto the ledge to the right. Then you can safely get the frogmen and the two thugs that are in the room.

Behind you is a button you can climb to, so push it and drop back down and deal with another frogman that appears in the water. If he doesn't, you should be able to draw him out by jumping into the water and the climbing back out again. The button opens the control room door back in the room with the circular saw, so make you way back there. When you opened the door to the control room, it let loose the angry thugs you saw pacing around in it earlier...they will probably attack when you climb out of the pool, so take them out and pick up the small medipack and Uzi clips they drop. Enter the control room and throw the switch on the left wall. This moves the block and tackle over the pool so you can jump and grab to it, then run and jump over to the other side.

The circular saw has a red card on the floor next to can't get it yet, though. You can see two boxes in the right corner of the room...climb over them and push the button behind to raise a duct back in the heliport. Go back there, armed and ready for two attacks as you leave this room, then for another one and two dogs attack back in the heliport! Search them for shotgun shells and Uzi clips when they are down.

Drop down the hole in the floor and follow the passage at the other side until you can drop down into a room that has a reception party of two more goons, one thug with a club and one with a flame-thrower! Get rid of them, then pick up the machine chip that the one with the club drops. If you look at one of the walls, you will see a door that needs a red card to unlock it...remember that for later.

The exit door is directly facing the red card lock, and it opens automatically as you approach it, so go through, and into the room straight ahead to get back to the room with the circular saw. Make you way to the other side of the pool again and insert the machine chip in the control panel behind the saw. This shuts it off, finally! Pick up the red pass card and return with it to the room with the red keycard lock.

Use the card to open the door and drop down to the next area and deal with the thug that awaits there. Follow the passage until you come to the room with the sub again. This time you are on the opposite side, and the guys that you killed earlier have dropped small and large medipacks, although one of mine died on a slope and I couldn't pick up one of them! :-( There are also two lots of harpoons lying on the floor so find them, too.

Exit through the open door and make your way through the passageways until you come to an open area where two goons are waiting to take you out...take them out instead! As you are making your way to this area, you can hear the voice of Bartoli interrogating a poor monk, and at the bottom of the stairs is the monk. As you approach the game takes over and ends the level after a small movie clip. However, don't approach him yet...enter the room on the left of the stairs to retrieve the Gold Dragon. If you have found all 3 secrets, you will end up with 4 sets of Uzi clips!

Leave the room and approach the monk to end the level.

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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