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Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough | Ice Palace | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 14: Ice Palace

  • 3 secrets
  • Tibetan mask
  • Gong hammer
  • Talion
  • 22 kills
  • 30 pickups altogether, including secret items

To enter the next area, you need to shoot the bell with your pistols. This will open the door ahead, so go through and take a look around. Those spine-chilling noises are the angry sounds of 3 yetis locked in a cage! There are also several wooden springboards on the floor...these will throw Lara into the air as she steps on them, but if she has nothing to grab on to as she's flying, she will crash to the ground, killing or greatly injuring her.

Step just in front of the first springboard, facing the arch with the metal gates beyond. Stand as close to it as you can, then take one step backwards (screenshot). Run over it, and as Lara is thrown into the air, press 'action' to grab the ledge above. Pull up and turn around...there is a lever next to an alcove. The alcove has some automatic pistol clips on the floor, so pick that up before you pull the lever to lower the yeti cage and release them!

Arm yourself with your grenade launcher and drop down to the ledge below to deal with them before they reach you. If you are more of a wuss, hang from the ledge opposite the one you landed on, pull up and get them from there in safety. Either way, you need to be on the ledge below the lever. As you face the main room, there is a large medipack in the far left corner, so go get it. On the other far side of the ledge is a cage with another large medipack...carefully jump over to it, pick up the medi, then arm yourself as you go around the corner of the cage to the stairs, as another yeti attacks!

Go up the stairs and pull the lever in the next room to lift the grating just outside the bars. Go back down the stairs into the cage and locate the moveable block. It's the second one down on the wall on the right, opposite the cage doorway (screenshot). Pull it out then push it aside to reveal a large room, with the Gold Dragon on a high ledge opposite the doorway. There is actually an invisible walkway in the room, so line up with the secret ledge, then step off the one you are on. Run across the walkway to pick up the secret, then get back the same way. (I have to wonder how anyone without a walkthrough guide is expected to find this secret, never mind get to it!)

Go back to the ground floor by dropping down into the cage below. Make your way to the second springboard, to the right of the first one (screenshot). The reason for this one is so you can shoot a bell above it...Now if you simply stand on the springboard and keep jumping up and down on it, Lara will quickly lose health and die. To do it as safely as possible, run over the board, shooting with your pistols as you go. Lara will catapult into the air, hopefully shooting the bell, then will land on the angled block, dropping safely to the floor. Just keep doing this until you hear the bell ring, which means you have been successful in raising the first iron gate beyond the archway.

To open the second gate, go to the third springboard, just through the archway and stand in front of it, with the iron gates to your right (screenshot). Run onto it, and while Lara is in the air, press 'action' to land or grab the ledge above. Go to the other end of the ledge and turn around. There is another bell opposite. Jump up and shoot it. This raises the second iron gate. Drop down and go through the gates, and stand in front of the fourth springboard, with the gates to your right. Run over it and press 'action' while in the air to grab the ledge above. Shimmy right and drop down onto the flat ledge.

The next bell is's just above the ledge you are now standing on. To shoot it, you need to pull up onto the sloped ledge again, press 'jump' and 'back' to land on the slope behind, then keep jumping back and forth, drawing your pistols and shooting the bell when you can. When you've managed it, drop to the flat ledge again, and walk onto the slope to the left...shimmy left so you are just above the springboard, then climb up, keep pressing 'jump' and 'left' until you land on the flat ledge on your left. If you miss and fall to the ground, simply run over the springboard, grab the ledge as you spring up and try again.

Climb through the opening and up the ladder to the ledge above. Turn around and climb through the next opening. Take out your grenade launcher and jump over to the left, blasting a yeti that appears in front of you. Pick up the flares from the block, then climb through the opening ahead. If you stand on the right side, a tiger will appear below¹, so you can easily dispatch him from where you are.

Drop down and climb up to the left ledge to find a small medipack at the end of it. Opposite that ledge on the other side, is a cave entrance to the right (screenshot). Go through and jump up the slope to the opening ahead (use a flare if you need to). In that cage you will find the Silver Dragon. Exit and follow the path, taking care of a tiger as you step onto the ramp near the opening. You may want to step on it, then turn around and climb onto a ledge to deal with it in safety.

Go through into the next cave, and step onto the ramp to the left to draw out two more tigers. Deal with them there, or from the safety of a ledge in the previous room, then go and take the Tibetan mask from the block at the end of the room. When you pick it up, a door at the top of the ramp in the previous room opens (screenshot). Follow the passage to an opening in the floor. There's a yeti down there, and he can be drawn out by your hanging from the opening and pulling back up, but it's difficult to kill it from there. I find it easier to just drop down and let him have it with the grenade launcher!

You are now in a long room with several openings in the floor. There is another yeti lurking below in the dark. You should be able to get him from there...take out your grenade launcher, and if Lara points, shoot! You can see better if you throw a flare down there by lighting one, then pressing the draw weapons button. You will also see spikes, so don't drop down yet!

Go to the other end of the room and pick up the large medipack, then drop down the nearest opening, taking care to land in the space without the spikes. You can run around the perimeter ok, so find 2 sets of automatic pistol clips in one of the corners, then find the small balcony next to the closed door and climb up to find small medipack to the right, and use the mask in the receptacle in the wall at the other end. This opens the nearby door, and when you go through you find yourself on the bridge above the main area with the two ramps.

Before you cross the bridge, turn to the left and look to the alcove'll see some flares, so take a running jump to the ledge opposite, pick up the flares, then get back the same way. Across the bridge and to the left is an ice passage...follow this to a ledge with a lever. Pull it to tip up the bowl in the center of the room. This pours out hot oil onto the pond and melts the ice.

Drop to the sloped block below and slide to the ground, readying weapons for two tigers that run from the opening ahead. I suggest the Uzis for fast dispatch! Jump into the pond and pick up the gong hammer. When you do, two killer fish attack, so quickly climb out and get rid of them from above. Jump back into the water and swim through the narrow opening. Stand up when you can, but beware of the killer icicles above. Stick to the left wall, and wade to the bank. Three yetis are waiting, so whip out your grenade gun and let them have it! They won't follow you into the water, so you can jump back in if they get too close, then try again.

You are now in a cave with a fork leading to two caves. As you approach the left one, another yeti attacks, so be ready! When he's gone, enter the cave, but be careful of the iciciles above the entrance. If you stand to the left side of the slope and jump over it, they should fall harmlessly. Enter the cave and proceed with caution, because as you approach the white ledge ahead, another yeti will attack! Drop down the other side of the ledge and pick up four pairs of grenades...I'll bet you're glad of them now!

Leave the cave and go to the one to the right of the fork in the cave outside. Pick up the small medipack, and be careful as you climb the stairs as yet another yeti comes for you! Get rid of it and climb the stairs. To the right of the opening is a cave filled with giant snowballs! As you approach carefully, two lots will roll past from behind the right wall, then more as you enter the cave.

Stop just inside the entrance and turn to face the left. At the other end of the cave is an opening with a ledge before it. You need to run and jump toward this ledge, and do it quickly because as soon as you do, the rest of the snowballs will be chasing you! (Don't panic if you miss the ledge and end up pressed against the bottom wall, as you'll still be safe, as you can see in this (screenshot).

Once you're safe, enter the next ice cave. There is a sloped ledge with a huge drop into nothing, so you need to turn around before you drop, so you can grab the ledge when you slide down backwards. Shimmy left, then pull up and jump backwards onto the ledge behind. Climb onto the next small ledge, then run, jump and grab to the ice ladder opposite. Climb up and enter the opening above.

The next drop takes a lot of health, so make sure you have plenty before attempting it. Turn around and jump backwards down the next slope, pressing 'action' to grab the edge. Drop down in front of the gong, but don't hit it just yet. Drop down to the floor below and go to the far left of the cave where you will see a ladder. Jump to grab it and go down. At the bottom are two ways to go, but don't go to the right or you'll get spiked! Take the left and pull the lever on the wall below. This opens a door in the large area above. Climb back up, backflip off the ladder at the top, turn around to face the gong, and you'll see a small building on the right. The door has opened there, so run to it, climb inside the doorway and take your prize, the Jade Dragon and four pairs of grenades as a reward if you found all three secrets.

Exit the room and run around to the front of the gong. When you stand facing it, look to the left and see some climeable blocks. Climb up these, right around, and make your way back to the gong again. Hitting this with the gong hammer will break the two ice windows that are on each side of the gong structure. Inside either of these you can pick up the Talion.

Ok, the only way to end this level is to fight the big, tough gardian of the Talion, who is not too chuffed that you've taken it. As soon as you hit the ground, he's going to appear through the ice wall to the right of the area (facing away from the gong). There are a couple of pickups in his cave, two sets of Uzi clips and a large medipack, but it's entirely up to you whether you go for them or not. If you can outrun him, then go for it, otherwise, prepare for battle! (Video)

In reality, he's not that difficult to defeat, providing he doesn't get you first! There are three safe areas, one of these is the small depression next to the ladder in the left corner. However, I didn't fancy running there in full view of the beastie! Another way to defeat him is to climb down from the structure on the right-hand side (when you are facing the gong), near where the small building with the Jade Dragon is. Climb quickly through the doorway there and turn around. You will hear the terrible noises of the guardian breaking out and stomping around, but you are safe where you are. To lure him to you, drop down from the doorway and roll...wait until he comes for you then jump back into the doorway, turn around and use your Uzis to target him...keep doing this until he drops and the level ends. The simplest way, though, is via the ice ledge you climbed up onto to get back to the gong. It's at the far left of the gong platform, when you are facing it. Simply drop onto the ledge, drop onto the one below, don't jump! This will bring out the guardian. Roll, then forward jump back onto the ice ledge to finish off the boss in safety. Easy! (Screenshot)

A cut-scene sees Lara emerging victorious from the ice cave and stealing a Jeep from the usual baddies, who take up in hot persuit. She escapes (of course), and ends up at the Xian temple, and uses the Talion to open the door......

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

¹ Sometimes this tiger doesn't appear in the PC version.

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