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Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough | Living Quarters | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 9: Living Quarters

  • 3 secrets
  • 1 key
  • 21 kills
  • 13 pickups altogether, including secret items

The level begins where the last one left off...swim forward and to the left to pull a lever. This opens a trapdoor further on. Roll and swim to the trapdoor, climb out and arm yourself for a goon who appears when you start making your way across the metal beams. Pick up the small medipack he drops and go through the doorway he came from to enter the ship's engine room. (At this point, someone started shooting at me but I couldn't see them, so this is just a heads-up.)

Turn left at the entrance, go as far as you can, then climb over the top of the metal block to get to a passage on the other side. Follow it and deal with a couple of angry engine room workers, picking up their harpoons and automatic pistol clips when they're down. Keep going, turn left and jump over the barrels that roll towards you. Deal with yet another baddie and have a look around the next room. High up on the right wall, above the burners, is a lever, but you can't reach that yet.

Go up the ramp and stand facing the burner wall (screenshot), then you can jump and grab the ledge ahead and shimmy right until you can safely drop down. Pull the lever there to turn off the burners. From the lever, turn left and climb up through the opening above, and follow the passage to another lever. Pull this to reposition the pistons back in the engine room.

Drop through the hole in the floor which takes you back there. Climb up onto the metal ledge to the far right, then jump and grab over to the next two pistons. From the center of the second one, take two walking steps back from the edge then jump forward to the next lower one. Jump and grab to the next one. Before you continue forward, do a running jump over to the ledge on the right to pick up the Silver Dragon. From that ledge, run, jump and grab to the ledge below the small doorway, and deal with the shotgun-wielding thug there, picking up the automatic pistol clips he very kindly drops for you.

Follow the passage beyond to a seemingly dead-end. There is actually a movable box blocking your path. Push it three times to reveal two openings. Go through the second one and push the block there once. Go back to the first one and pull it back twice. Face left and jump over the gap...turn right then left to pick up some shotgun shells. Go back to the second block and drop down the opening next to it and use the lever again to reset the engine room pistons.

Climb back up into the passage you just came from, turn around, jump the gap and make your way back to the engine room. Run and jump to the first one, jump and grab to the next, take a step or two then jump forward onto the lower one. Jump and grab to the next one, then turn to face the lever on the far wall to your right (screenshot). Run, jump and grab over to it and pull the lever to flood the room where the burners were.

To get back down safely:

1) Do a safety drop from the ledge you are on, taking damage.
2) Jump across to the blue ledge to the right, where you first climbed up. Lara will take a little damage but will land safely. 
3) Run and jump over to the fourth piston, pressing 'grab' to land safely (screenshot). From there, jump across to the blue ledge.

Drop to the ground and follow the passage back to the now flooded burner room. You can now reach the lever high up on the right wall. This opens the door at the top of the ramp, so pull the lever, roll and swim forward. There's an opening in the floor in the next room, but there's also another nasty frogman hanging around. You can either get him with your harpoon gun, or do what I do and surface via a hole in the top (toward the left as you swim in), climb out and get him from there with your pistols, to save ammo.

Jump back in and keep going the way you were to an underwater opening ahead...there's a nasty, giant eel to the right of it, so take care to keep to the left. Pull the lever on the wall, roll, and in the area you just left, there is now a trapdoor you can swim up through and climb out back into the ship. You now find yourself in a big room with several large ducts.

Jump up to the middle area and take out a gunman up above before you do anything else. There's quite a bit of hoo-ha about the next part, but you can skip quite a bit if you do this: From the middle duct you are standing on (facing the trapdoor you climbed in from), stand to the right of the second metal grate from the lever, facing the blue ledge ahead (screenshot). Jump and grab to it, pull yourself up and turn right. Follow the ledge to face the entrance to the living quarters. Run and jump over into the doorway.

(The long way around is this: Pull the lever at the end of the middle walkway to open the door at the other end. Just inside this door on the right are two switches. These raise two platforms on the other side of the room, above an opening lined with broken glass. They are timed, but it's fairly slow, so there's no need to panic. Pull the switch nearer to the door, press 'look', side flip to the left, pull the second switch, press 'look' again, then roll. Run, jump and grab to one of the raised platforms. Shimmy to the right to a solid ledge where you can pull up.

Here you'll find another switch. Pull it to lower another ledge ledge back in the room with the ducts. Drop to the floor, cross the room to the low ramp, pull up there and return to the other room. Cross to the far left side. Now that you've lowered the ledge here, you can use the angled metal blocks to reach the platform above: Stand facing the lower angled block in the corner. Step back. Press and hold 'jump' and 'action' to jump onto the lowered block, bounce back to the higher block, then jump and grab the high ledge ahead. Pull up, turn around, and take a running jump over the gap where the raised ledge was.

Walk along the duct to the top, where you'll find a movable box. Pull the box to the right so you can hop around behind it to the left. Drop and grab from the duct where the box was, shimmy left and pull up. Turn around and jump and grab to the ledge ahead. Follow the dark hallway to the end, slide down the ramp on the right and proceed along the duct until you can jump across to a doorway with the wood paneling.

Once inside the living quarters, follow the passage, taking care as a thug with a wrench will probably sneak up on you! Take the first right and you will come to an opening in the floor, with broken glass at the bottom, as well as a secret. To get to it, press 'roll' and 'action' at the same time to jump safely past the glass and pick up the Gold Dragon. Walk through the broken glass and pull up into the passage.

Go back and take a right to follow the passageway to a sloping floor...the floor at the bottom is cracked, with deadly shards of glass under it. Slide down and jump over the broken part to land safely on the boards ahead. If you look out of the window, you can see the third secret glistening temptingly. This is where you're going now, so get ready! Carry on to the flooded floor ahead and take care of two barracudas before you step onto the broken part of the floor. I managed to shoot one through the floor. :-) Swim down to retrieve the Jade Dragon, along with four sets of M-16 clips if you have all of the dragons. then swim back and climb out.

Turn right and wade over the flooded floor until you come to an area with a series of angled blocks. You can jump between the two at the end to land on a broken piece of floor. You can then jump safely to the other side. Stand to the right of the angled block you just passed, then sideflip onto it, then jump forward to grab the broken wall ahead (screenshot). Shimmy right until you can pull up into the next area.

The wall straight opposite has a doorway...go through this and tackle another thug. Follow the carpeted ramp right to the end, and into a large room with railings. Deal with a shotgun-wielding thug. Don't jump over the banister rails, but keep going to the end of the hallway and pull out the movable box there. Go back and jump over the banister rails into the tiled room. Go round to the left and deal with two goons, one with a shotgun, one with a club. Keep going and drop down into the pit at the end of the room. Locate and pull out the movable box. When you do, you will probably hear another armed man wandering around the room above. I usually deal with him by climbing on top of the box I've just pulled out and jumping up and down as I fire. Otherwise, climb over the box, pick up the theatre key and deal with him when you climb out of the pit.

Once you have the key, go back and take the left passage just before the banisters. This is the one you unblocked earlier when you moved the crate. Enter it and take out the goon that appears. Use the key to open the theatre doors. Enter, but whichever turning you take, left or right, you are going to have to take out four bad guys. I usually turn left and tackle one killer head-on. Then turn right to face the box can see another thug in there and can get him from where you are. When he's down, climb up to that area and face another goon. The first one has dropped some Uzi clips. Throw the switch on the wall.

Go behind the curtains that have now opened, and tackle the bad guy. Pull out the box and climb up to the opening above on the left. At the end of this area is a button that floods the area where you found the key, but be careful not to fall into the deadly glass-pit as you go! Throw the switch and make your way back to the flooded area, taking care of another thug who drops some shotgun shells, then swim over the water and climb out into the next level.

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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