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Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough | Wreck Of The Maria Doria | Tomb Raider Vault

Level 8: Wreck Of The Maria Doria

  • 3 secrets
  • 3 keys
  • 3 circuit breakers
  • 35 kills
  • 37 pickups altogether, including secret items

This is one of my favourite you begin to play, you realise that the ship is actually upside down! As you begin, follow the short passage to a water-filled area. There's a frogman in here, so you can either get him with your harpoons or jump in to draw him out and kill him from above. When he's dead, jump into the water and pick up the harpoons from the bottom.

Swim through the underwater passage and climb out at the end. Pick up the large medipack and make sure Lara's health is maxed out for this next drop as she'll take some serious damage. Turn around and jump backwards onto the slope, pressing 'action' to grab the edge. Let go and drop through the cracked floor to land far below.

You are now in the upsidedown swimming pool of the Maria Doria. Two thugs approach from the doorway to the right, so get rid of them and pick up their two small medipacks and automatic pistol clips. Go through the doorway they came from and over to the overturned furniture to the left. Jump over it and look up...there's a opening above. Climb up to it and follow the passage, taking care of a shotgun-wielding goon as you go.

Drop down at the end to pick up the Silver Dragon. Climb back up to deal with another thug and go back the way you came. Back in the tiled room you will see a movable block in the left corner. Pull it once, then go around and push it once. Then push it twice into the alcove it's now covering. When you moved the block, you revealed two more behind it. Pull out the left one and maneuver that into the same alcove. Pull out the final block twice. You have now revealed two more leads to a restroom and the other to the ballroom.

Take the right passage to the ballroom and as you drop down into it, you are attacked by three thugs...get rid of them and search the bodies for the flares and the large medipack they drop. Further in to the main room is another thug up on the balcony whom you should be able to pick off from where you are. Please be careful not to run over the broken glass on the floor!

From the ballroom entrance, turn right and enter the doorway at the far end of the right wall very carefully...there is another load of broken glass, so walk through it to the opening in the floor, turn around so you are facing the entrance with your back to the opening, and drop and grab the edge, then let go to drop, pressing 'action' to grab the ledge below. Pull up and pick up the rest room key in the small passage. To exit, jump and grab the edge opposite and climb out, walking through the broken glass again to exit the room.

Go back to the restroom, where you moved the three boxes. On the wall in the far right corner is a keyhole...use the key you just picked up to open the glass door to your left. Push the button in there to open the glass doors opposite. A goon rushes out, so deal with him and go through the doors he came from. Push the button on the wall to open a door above the balcony in the ballroom . Go back and push the other button to close the double doors again. You can only reach one of the important pickups if you close these doors again.

Go back to the ballroom and climb up onto it from a raised piece of floor over in the right corner (screenshot). Turn left and walk as far as you can, drop and grab the edge of the balcony, shimmy left and climb up to retrieve the automatic pistol clips from the killer you dropped earlier. Keep on going as far as you can, then run, jump and grab to the balcony opposite. Pick up the circuit breaker you find there.

Make your way back to the door you opened earlier above the balcony. Climb through the opening and follow the passage until you come to a long passage with rusty walls and several doors. There's nothing in the first room on the left, and you don't have the key for the one on the right just yet. Go to the wheeled door on the right near the end of the passage and open it. Inside is a deep room and you'll need to do a safety drop into the room or Lara will take some damage.

There is a switch high up on the wall opposite the entrance. To get to it you will need to move that's to the right of the door. Pull it out once, get behind it an push it, pull it towards the switch, then push it so it's directly underneath it. Climb onto it, throw the switch to open a door above. Pull the high box under the opening and climb through it. (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2)

Follow the passage to the end, taking care of a goon with a wrench, and in the room beyond you'll see a lever on the left wall, too high to reach. There's a movable box opposite the lever...pull it once, then get behind it. Pick up the rusty key, push the box under the lever, climb onto it and pull the lever to open the exit door. Climb through it to find yourself back in the rusty passage again. Turn right and you can now use the key to open the door at the end.

Safety drop into the room. There's a movable block to the right. Pull it out and place it at the end of the metal ledge, so you can climb up and pull out the higher block twice. Get behind the second block and push the one you find there once. You can then exit to a corridoor with a cracked floor ahead. Below that floor are some killer burners, and round the corner to the right of it is a rolling barrel trap.

As soon as you step on the tiles, the barrels start to roll and will squish you. You can either step on one side of the tiles, then jump back, or run over the tiles and jump over the barrels at the end. There's an opening above the area where the barrels were. Inside are more. To avoid them, climb into the passage, take one step forward, drop back and grab the edge, immediately letting go. The barrels may clip Lara and take a chunk of health, but she should be okay. Another way is to take one step forward into the passage, drop back and then immediately jump forward to that Lara is close against the wall, thus avoiding the barrels altogether. Enter the passage above to find the Jade Dragon.

Climb back down and find a room at the end on the left with a baddie...kill him before you enter. In the room is a grilled walkway with water underneath. In the water is a timed lever that opens a door in the room above. It's under the entrance, by the ladder (screenshot). Pull it, then quickly climb out and through the opening before the door closes. It's not that heavily timed, it does give you a good chunk of time to make it. Inside that door is another switch that will open it again to let you out. (Notice the wheeled door under the water, as you will be coming back for that later.)

In this area is another trap. The sloping floor has a trapdoor at the bottom that will open as you slide down. There is broken glass underneath, so you don't want to go there! You can either slide down backwards and grab the edge of the trapdoor as it opens, then wait until it closes again, or you can slide down then jump backwards and forwards until it closes. Then climb up through the opening above to pull another lever. This opens a door somewhere else on the ship.

Exit the area the same way you came, back to the grilled walkway, turn right and climb through the opening in the wall. Follow the passage to the doorway you just opened up. There are three goons in the next area...try to get them from where you are. Once they are down, take the left walkway to a button. This opens a timed trapdoor at the other end of the room. However, try to hop back from the button and drop and grab the edge of the walkway...Lara should just drop down onto the floor below where you can pick up another circuit breaker! If not, you will have to run all the way around and drop down through the trapdoor before it closes! One of the dead bodies also has a small medipack you can pick up. There's also a button on one of the walls that drains the water in the area under the grilled walkway.

Running over the corner floor tile where the circuit breaker was opens another timed trapdoor at the other to it as fast as you can, jump onto the sloped piece of the walkway under it, then jump and grab the edge of the next floor and pull up through the opening. Go back to the grilled walkway, do a safety drop onto the wooden platform, then open the wheeled door and follow the passage beyond to another rusty passageway. Follow this, making no turns, until you can drop down to retrieve another circuit breaker...the one that was behind the double glass doors in the restroom area. :-) This is why it was so important to close them wouldn't have been able to reach it otherwise.

On the wall at the opposite end is another button...push this to open a trapdoor back in the rusty passage. Pull back up into it, take the first right and drop down through the trapdoor which takes you back into the restroom, and into the clutches of two more goons! Get rid of them and pick up the Uzi clips and two sets of harpoons they drop.

Make your way back to where you first entered the level, and in the right corner is a pool of water. Jump in and pick up the small medipack from the bottom then surface for air. Swim back down and follow the underwater passage to a lever. Pull this to open a trapdoor above. Climb out and take care of the three killers that attack you as you do so! They drop large medipack, two boxes of shotgun shells and some Uzi clips, so search them well!

Inside the large room is a set of burners with three circuits above them. Place the circuit breakers in each to shut off the flames. Then pull the movable box along under the opening above and climb up. Deal with the baddie inside and then pull the lever. This floods a room at the other end of the one with the burners, as well as turning over the large ducts in the room so you can climb over them.

Run and jump to the first one from the opening of the room you are in. Run, jump and grab over to the next two, then jump into the opening ahead. Jump into the water beyond and swim to the bridge area of the ship...climb out, walk into the water and kill the barracuda that appears. Wade through the water to the right of the entrance (or the left as you are facing it (screenshot). In an alcove, you will find two lots of harpoons lying on the floor.

Turn left and wade through the water past the entrance, keeping to the left, until you can climb out onto a ledge with a closed door...there's a baddie here with a wrench, so take care of him and pinch the small medipack that he drops. Follow the passage he came from and turn left to come to a cabin. In the passageway to the left of the cabin you'll find two sets of automatic pistol clips.

Turn back and go to the right of the cabin to find a wheeled door in an alcove (screenshot). Inside is a timed switch, which opens a door at the other end of the bridge. Just flip the switch, run out of the room and go straight ahead through the door that just have plenty of time. The door stays open once you are inside. As you are running towards the timed door, you will see a clip of a key on the seabed outside. This is where you need to be, but of course, it's never that simple!

Pick up the flares and push the movable block once from where you are. Flip the switch behind it to open a trapdoor. To get to it, leave the room and go back toward the wheeled door with the first switch. Just before you reach it, turn left and head toward the far right corner. The trapdoor opening is there and leads to an underwater area. There are three barracudas and two sharks in the water...a cool way to get them out of the way is to stand above the trapdoor before you open it. Lara will aim and can shoot them from there! Take care though, because they can also eat Lara through the closed trapdoor!

You can either jump in and try to out-swim them, which is what I normally do, or get them with your harpoons, but you do need to jump in as there are a couple of items to collect. To find the first one, jump in and swim away from the trapdoor, keeping to the wall. Swim round the next two right turns and you should see the cabin key on the bottom, near some plants. Pick it up, and if you need to, go back for some air before going for the next pickup.

There is a small cave opposite the trapdoor you jumped in through, right at the other end...swim towards it and up, then climb out onto the ledge to collect the Gold Dragon. You will receive your grenade launcher if you've found all three secrets, plus 3 pairs of grenades, but I strongly advise you not to use the launcher will need all the grenades you can get for later on in the game. Save your game before swimming back out, just in case. :-)

Swim back the way you came, climb out and go to the's back towards the wheeled door, then take a right, past the four cabin windows on the right, and then right again, back where you encountered the first bad guy. The key unlocks the cabin door here. Throw the switch on the inside wall to open another trapdoor in the floor outside. Drop down it and push the movable box under the switch on the wall and pull it to open a trapdoor in the ceiling, back in the cabin you just came from.

Climb through the trapdoor and follow the passage to a large room with a water-filled glass bottom (formerly the ceiling!). There are two thugs on the level below should be able to get them from where you are. Once they've been dealt with, go to the right (from the room entrance...see (screenshot) and drop down onto the level below from the opening in the floor, and search the bodies for M-16 clips and a small medipack. There are also three sets of M-16 clips in the dark alcove set within one of the walls.

In the water are two can get them from the lower ledges with the broken glass. To get to one of the ledges, drop onto one of the corner ledges and walk off onto one of the sloping sides. You should then slide down onto the glassed ledges with little or no damage. Don't forget to WALK through the glass!

When you've done, jump (don't drop!) into the water and look for the barrel at the bottom. Behind this is the passage you want...follow this and swim past 3 eels because you can't kill them. There are also 3 barracudas...either harpoon them or climb out up into an air pocket in the ceiling past the third eel to take care of them. Keeep going and follow the underwater passage toward an opening in a rusty part of the ship to end the level (screenshot).

If you missed anything while playing the PC version, here is the savegame file with all kills, pickups and secrets.

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